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Popee the Performer

Jul 15, 2013

What the hell can I say about this show? It’s really weird! There is really no talking during the show and so hard to understand exactly what is going on in any of the episodes. All I gather is that Popee is a performer who ends up dieing or being tortured at the end of every episode and his dog laughs about it or ends up tortured as well. It makes me wonder just why it’s for little children.

The animation is rather rough. It looks slightly stiff and a couple times the movement doesn’t even have fluid movement. Many of the faces that are used look like they would be better in a horror show rather then a kids show. There are times they actually squash and stretch the CG animation to when the textures look really bad.

There are no voices, but there is a really odd music that sounds even creepier then the show. It has a bit of an Indonesian feel but you can’t really pick out the words very easy when it’s playing. (Well, I can say it is in Japanese so that might be part of it.)

In the end, I really didn’t like this show and just felt it boring with more what the fuck moments then I could care to sit through again.

2/10 story
1/10 animation
3/10 sound
1/10 characters
2/10 overall
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KingArthur13th Jul 15, 2013

Where did you watch this series? I've been looking all over the place and haven't found anything past episode 2.