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Please Twins

Jul 14, 2013

Ah, the ugly child of Please Teacher. People give it crap because it doesn’t base itself off the main characters of Please Teacher but a separate story all together with characters from the main series showing up every once in a while.

The show is about two twins trying to find each other and one person that is a stranger to them. All three children were drawn together by a picture of two children near a house – one a boy and the other is a girl. The only identifying feature of the two children is their beautiful deep blue eyes. Unfortunately, all three of them have that same unusual color and are drawn to the house when they see it on the news after an ‘alien UFO sighting’ that happened during Please Teacher. As the three live together, they feel romantic to the others but are pledged with the burning question of if they are related. This pretty much means you have a lot of rather ‘incest’ going on.

Lets talk about the characters, Mike is well, an asshole. He’s harsh but that’s to be expected when he’s lived alone and was abandoned by his parents. He works hard to try and keep food on the table and the home he lives in. Also, all the damn girls swoon over him. I don’t know why because he’s an unlikable person. He’s mature in certain areas but when it comes to people, he’s a real jack ass most of the time. He seems to be the only one that actually thinks Marie is weird.

Miina is a really energetic and athletic type of character who doesn’t care much for people trying to hurt others. On the other side though, she’s pushy to the point of even pushing Mike to let her stay at his place. She jumps to conclusions really fast and it’s easy to tick her off without trying to.

Karen is a rather sweet young girl. She is very polite but has a bad habit of fainting whenever she gets to excited. It makes things really awkward and worse is the idea that she might be related to him just as Miina might be. She is normally dazed and confused most of the time too. Also, it never helped that in episode 3, there is a big misunderstanding with the group. You will see when you get to it.

The other characters really don’t stand out that well, they all pretty much fall into basic stereotypes. We have Kousei who is are ‘gay’ friend, Tsubaki who is are vice-president of the student body and second love interest (first for how long they know each other and third if you count the relative), the clueless teacher Mizuho, Ichigo who pretty much is the rather pervi and troublemaker type of girl.

The show is standard and just all feels bland. The jokes sometimes come off unfunny or just plain pervi. At least in Please Teacher, it had a bit more class and was a bit more mature but this comes off as just immature. It’s like we are given a fart joke where someone farts and we laugh about it. Actually, the only thing that was actually really fun is when Kousei gets hit before actually being warned.

The animation is really lack luster, feeling even worse then Please Teacher. It’s lack luster and just doesn’t stand out at all making me want to score it even lower.

The English voices are pretty much a miss. All the characters really feel forced and sadly, even some veterans in the dubbing business, like Crispin Freeman, feel as though they are just bland.

I would say it’s pretty much a mistake that this was created because I don’t even think there was a manga created before it so they pulled the show out of their ass.

5/10 story
3/10 animation
3/10 sound
4/10 characters
3/10 overall
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