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  • Kakurega Little Hide Away - pt16(END) - Ergo Proxy

Kakurega Little Hide Away - pt16(END) - Ergo Proxy


So after discovering about Angel being possessed while they were gone, MAK went to Kurai, asking him how to get her back. “So, is there any idea to how to get the old Angel back here?" Kai then expressed her opinions, “Is there something we can do?"

Kurai shrugged, “I’m not good at this stuff. Akuma might know but supernatural stuff was Angel’s specialty like Akuma’s is romance and mine is games and fights….." he looked to the door again before turning back to the others, “But something I do feel is if we do not fix this, something really bad is going to happen."

“But do you think Akuma knows enough supernatural stuff just to solve this problem?", Kai said, “I mean, we’re not exactly that knowledgeable of it either since I’m more of a rookie and MAK only knows a little of everything, but not by that much."
Then MAK said, “Well then, we’re fucked. Can things get any worse?"

There was a strange feeling of the air getting rather heavy now, it was almost suffocating. Kurai turned to MAK and growled a little, “Shit dude… Don’t ever say that again…" he panted.
There was a force as though they were being pushed down onto the floor, shadowy hands holding them as Angel opened the door and walked out of the basement. Her eyes were glowing red as she kept walking past them, a strange blob following her. The blob brushed passed Kai and her hand started to turn a dark gray a bit.

Kai noticed the blob and tries to get it off but it won’t budge. “OK….this thing won’t get off me." Then notice her hand turning colors, “Guys, there’s something growing on me. I can’t get it off!" She then started to panic and scream as she couldn’t get it off and it felt like it was hurting her. “Kurai!! MAK!! Please get this thing off me!!"
MAK then tried to scrape it off her with a knife but it wouldn’t budge. “Damn it!!" Then it looked like it was coming for MAK, too.

Angel kept walking with the blob, going up the stairs. Kurai tried to crawl to her and gasped at the pain that was going on from the hands.
Soon angel was coming back down, and with her was Akuma. The blob was no where to be seen now and Akuma had the same strange grayish look to her face.
They started walking back downstairs, and a bad feeling kept in the air as the others were let go and the door was shut.

The looks on everybody’s faces meant nothing good can come out of this. “Oh fuck," MAK said silently as Kai looked in horror of the two sisters. “What happened to Akuma?"

Kurai gulped, “She looked like she was taken by that…. that blob thing…."

Kai was on the verge of tears hearing what Kurai said, “No……NO!!". She dropped down to the floor, thinking there’s no hope left and wondering what’s gonna happen to them.

Kurai got up and banged at the door, trying to force it open, “We got to get in there!"

MAK then teleported with Kai to the top, helping Kurai open the door. “Wait, Kurai, can my Hybrid powers do something about the door?"

“It’s seale by magic…. we can’t get in…." he panted, sliding down the door, “Unless you can teleport in, this is imposable."

MAK then looked at Kurai like he didn’t know who he was, but then Kai shouted, “You forgot that both me and MAK teleported from down there to here in a flash of seconds? We can do that!!"

Kurai sighed, “It might not be so easy if they put up a shield with magic."

But MAK then said, “Well, it doesn’t hurt to try!!!" and so him, Kai and Kurai tried the teleportation trick.

They got through but it was painful. Soon they were in a strange hallway and a light at the end of it, a bright white light.

“Ow." MAK said, “Toldja we got in…..but fuck, that hurt." Then Kai said, “Easy for the both of you to say. I’m the only human here. That hurted me more than it did you." Then they notice the white light. “Oh no. MAK, don’t tell me that teleportation killed us."
“No." MAK said, “But I think we need to follow that light."

Kurai said nothing as he walked to the light, and soon found himself in a area that looked like a bright blue sky with clouds. A rather black crystal was in the center and Angel and Akuma were close to it, blood dripping from their arms and into the water that was around it.

“Kurai!!" MAK said, “Why are the both of them bleeding those black crystals?" Kai wanted to get close to them, “Angel!! Akuma!!"
MAK then said, “Kai!! NO!!" He stop her in time but she protested against it.
“What are you doing?!! We need to save them!!!" But MAK said, “We don’t know what to do right now. We tried something and it could kill them."

Kurai on the other hand ran at them, pushing the two away but there was a loud laugh from the crystal, “Ah, you think you have stopped them?" the crystal shattered and a guy who looked similar to a guy in Ergo Proxy stood where it used to be, “Ah to be free once more…. and it is thanks to my two little slaves there…" he said, starting to walk to Angel and Akuma. Kurai got in the way growling like a wild Lynx, “STAY AWAY FROM THEM, WHO EVER YOU ARE!"

MAK and Kai then got into the fray and needed to help Kurai with the crystal guy, “You very ugly piece of shit. I will fuck you up." Then MAK got into his hybrid mode and gave Kai his shotgun to help.

He laughed as he leaned back a bit, “You think you can kill a god?" he asked, and glared, “I have no more need of those girls now. They are just the children of my captors…. they will soon die by my hands as thought," he thought a moment then chuckled, “I shall kill them later. For now, I shall let them stew in the misury of knowing they shall die soon…." he held out his hand and created a strange fireball, then used it to destory the side ‘wall’ with only a flix of his wrist. He opened strange wings that looked boney and flew out the hole.
Behind the three protectors, Angel and Akuma’s color started to return as for Kai’s hand.

MAK then noticed the two sisters, “Yo, Kurai, turn around. Their colors are normal and so is Kai’s hand." They went to check on them to make sure they are alive.

They were alive though still had the cuts on their hands. Kurai gently picked up Angel, a look of consern on his face as her head rested on his shoulder, “We better get them upstairs…." he said gently, “Or….. at home…. I have no clue where we are right now…" he looked to her lovingly, and mumbled, “I never have been….. this close to her before…."

MAK and Kai then helped carry Akuma as well and said, “I could try to teleport back but I don’t want to risk them going to the same shit we did, but we need to get them some bed rest or consciousness immediately."

“I have no clue how to get them there any other way…." Kurai whispered, “All I can do is shadow. I can’t actually bring them through the shadow."

Kai then asked, “Well, we can’t do anything else. What choices we got left?"

Kurai looked to MAK.

“All right." He cracked his knuckles and got everyone ready to teleport back to Angel and Akuma’s room.

Kurai held tightly to Angel, hoping that it would work. This time there was not pain and all the spells seemed to be gone.

“OK." MAK said in a darker, serious tone than before, “I think all of us dealt with enough shit for today….or in this case the last few days. Let’s get Angel and Akuma to bed and we’re gonna need bandages. Kai, I’ll need your help as well."
“Got it, MAK.", she said.

Kurai just sat there on the floor, watching Angel as she was still in his arms, deep in thought. He did not hear MAK or Kai at all.

“Kurai. We need to put bandages on Angel right now." Kai said with them ready. “Kurai? Kurai? KURAI!!!!"

He blinked and looked up at her, his eyes sort of glazed over and tired, “Huh?" he asked, his breath a little panting.

Kai then assured Kurai, “Honey, they’re both gonna be fine….we just need them to get some rest from this."

He nodded, looking away, “That’s…. not why I was….. out of it…." he said, looking a little strange, “I have no clue…. but that guy felt familier…. I don’t know who he is though…. but the feeling….."

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