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  • Kakurega Little Hideaway - Pt 14 - Popee the Performer

Kakurega Little Hideaway - Pt 14 - Popee the Performer

25 JUL

Akuma sighed as she watched the birds chirping outside on a small bird feeder that she and Angel had made when they were little. Lately, Angel had been staying from her, acting very secretive as she kept going downstairs into the basement for who knows what. It was odd because before, Angel had commented on she hated having to go down there because of all the spiders and bugs. Angel’s fear of Spiders was actually so great that normally she would scream when she saw one but now, things seemed off.
As she looked out the window, she glanced down and frowned at the strange scene where Angel was standing outside throwing daggers at Kurai. Kurai was dodging them rather skillfully but it wouldn’t be long before the wall behind him was covered to a point that he wouldn’t be able to move out of the way.
She opened the window and floated down to the ground, blinking, “What’s going on?" she asked, looking from one to another. Angel didn’t answer her as another dagger went flying at Kurai. In a spit moment, Kurai was able to turn his head just enough that it only cut a few hairs on his head.
"SHE’S GONE NUTS!" Kurai yelled out, looking a little scared as he looked to Akuma for help.
"Kurai, what did you do?"
"OH COME ON! WHY IS IT THAT EVERY TIME SOMETHING LIKE THIS HAPPENS, IT’S MY FAULT?" he screamed out at Akuma as he moved his arm out of the way of another dagger.
"Because thats normally the routine. You say something to tick her off and she tortures you for a little bit, then walks away…." Akuma commented, sitting back a moment, “I have to say, this is a little over kill though, don’t you think Ang?"
Angel didn’t answer as she finally ran out of daggers and went back into the house, probably to find something else. As she did, Kurai quickly got from the wall and walked to Akuma, “I’m telling you, something is damn wrong with her and it happened just after the two left here…"
"I’m not sure I believe—-" at that point, a large cast iron frying pan flew past her and hit Kurai square in the face. Kurai fell over backwards, very close to passing out.
Akuma bent over him, checking that he was still alive and glanced over where Angel was going back in the house, then looked back to Kurai, “I believe you now….. just not sure what…. these things feel a lot more like Popee the entertainer then I would like…."
"P…Popee the…… what?" Kurai asked, still pretty much in pain on the floor still.
"Fine, I’ll do the review…." Akuma sighed and started to tell him.


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