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The Story of the Troll - Pt 4 - Yugioh

22 JUL

Angel chuckled a bit as she walked into the game shop near her house. She loved to go every Thursday to play Magic the Gathering with the other well to do players. She sat down at her normal table, playing any person who sat near her. Sometimes she lost, but other times she won, no matter what though, she had a lot of fun learning more. Then… Rurai showed up. She glared as he sat down and suffled his deck, placing it down, “Come now, let us dual," he smiled.
She rolled her eyes, and then sighed, “I win and you leave me alone?"
"Well, at least for today…" he said smiling.
"Fine then…. lets do this…." Angel placed her first card out and made sure her point system was set.
He did as well but the first card he placed onto the field was not a Magic the Gathering Card…
"OH COME ON!" she shouted out as she threw her dice at him, “That is such a old game. I don’t play Yugioh anymore!"
He rubbed the spot the dice hit, “That hurt you know… and this is actually more complicated then Magic you should know… so is the Anime…" he smiled a bit, “Of course, you probably haven’t seen it, hmm?"
Angel rolled her eyes, “I have, and you know what, I was actually thinking of reviewing it."
"Huh? W…wait a minute. I didn’t say I wanted you to review it yet—-"
"But you were going to. Now sit back and listen to my little review," she smiled, “But we are playing Magic the Gathering as you listen…"


"Well now, does that answer your question?" she smiled gently, winning the Magic the Gathering game.
"Fine…. you win…." Rurai smiled, “For now at least…."

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