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Howdy everyone... im actually here alot but sometimes just too lazy to login.. i know bad me. Well im 30 and i love anime.. i also love to chat drop me a line anytime =)

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chihinoke22 Dec 28, 2009

Those are some awesome anime, even though I only know about two of them I know I will like the other three since they're on the list.

sothis Jan 9, 2008

You made a great first rec - I hope you make more someday! ^_^

xXYoruichiXx Dec 6, 2007

I love your top 5! You're the first person I've come across to have Pretear as number1. I really enjoyed Pretear too. And plus you've got Fruits Basket and Saiunkoku Monogatari. XD Very cool. Did you know that there was a second season of Saiunkoku Monogatari? I just started it and I'm enjoying it just as much as the first season so far. :) 

Love your avatar, btw.

Kivan Sep 4, 2007

Just wanted to say welcome ^_^ We seem to have quite a few moms here that love anime :) and I like Canada too :) hehe...I suppose you're busy a lot, having two children, but when you get the time fill in your anime list and put on a nice avatar pic, maybe you with your kids :) Raise them right so they become anime fans too ^_^