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Pretty Silver-haired People and Time-Jamming

27 NOV

So, I just finished watching Jyu-oh-Sei, and must say I was most addicted, but because I loved it so, I couldn't help but pick at it, mostly because I wanted more. It drove me a little crazy sometime how much time-skipping the episodes can do. Granted, I knew the episode was coming where the kid protagonist, Thor,  was suddenly grown up, since they needed to switch design and voice actors, but it felt really rushed to have one episode where we've got a new character we've never seen before and just like that, she's been around for a long time and Thor's in love with her. That was rather awkward since it seems to be a very sensible assumption that things would have developed romantically with Tiz by that time.

And speaking of Tiz, she was so adorable. I found the world interesting, how women pretty much picked their temporary husbands and the men dare not say no... until Thor of course.  It amused me the way it played with feminist ideas, and then applied them to our young hero. ;p

Most of my yelling at the screen was due to Third's antics, though.  Just the way some thing would be very important to him, and how he was so completely apathetic about nigh everything else.  I really thought we'd see more of Rai, though.  I totally expected him to to turn out to be that other silver-haired guy in the credit roll, and was surprised to learn it wasn't.  So despite these little things and the rather abrupt ending, I really like the anime as a whole.

[Edit:] And also? It's totally replaced Vampire Knight in my top 5 opening themes. That tune was darn catchy!

The other one I watched recently (though you could argue that it was more European cartoon than anime) was Time Jam: Valerian and Laureline.  I really liked the UST Muldlelr-Scully sort of relationship between the two of them as they bounced from planet to planet, and was really struck by the ways in which their personalities balanced out.  It was interesting to see two people clearly meant for each other who didn't thrive in the same environment.  Laureline would get tired of being stuck in a spaceship and Valerian would practically wilt if left for too long in a non-technilogically advanced place.  The cast of episodic characters was also very charming, and the series made me rather curious about the old comic book the series was based on.  Unfortunately, it seems to have no American distribution whatsoever. Phooey.

I also read my first web comic not too long ago, Inverloch.  Definitely one of the better mind-blowing surprise endings for me. Did not see it coming at all, but it made so much sense and actually made me quite happy.  But c'mon?  Cute fuzzy dog people and pretty silvery elves? What's not to love?

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