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Apothecaries and Minor Epiphanies

11 JUN

What I really don't get is why there isn't more praise out there for Apothecarius Argentum. The art is pretty, the pacing is masterfully executed, the situations are dramatic without being cliched, and the characters are fantastic. I feel like I have a god grasp of where everyone's coming from whether it be Argent, who was raised in captivity to be a self-sacrificing food-tester and all-around tool, Princess Primula who suffers from loneliness and is unsure of whether she's ready to handle the responsibilities of the throne, or Prince Lorca who wants to have it all: the girl, the glory, and peace among the kingdoms and is willing to work hard for it, but doesn't really want to hurt anyone along the way. I freaking love this story, but I'm terrified that it won't be continued because I know that DC, the major comic company, has let go of CMX, the sub-company they were using to distribute manga.  I hope that I can come by the volumes some other way.  I can't help but feel that would be easier if more people took interest in this awesome story. :- ( 

On a side-note, I've been enjoying more High School Debut and Otomen.  HSD continues to be cute, if rather episodic.  I like how the author seems to be going through a checklist of shoujo cliches and asking herself "How can I make this trite thing totally invalid by making my characters too awesome to be predictable?" Adorable.  And the fact that I can be something of a sucker for male/female role-reversal puts me directly in the  target audience for Otomen, considering it's all about an effeminate guy falling in love with a tomboy of a girl.  I think my favorite part so far, has been his interactions with her father. I love the moment where he just admits to himself that, yes, his daughter is somewhat guy-like in her manner and tastes and that Asuka will make a good "wife" for her.  I laughed my head off.

On a side-note, I've been watching a few episodes of Ghost Stories, on-again and off-again. A friend of mine loves it, and I occasionally watch episodes with her. The utter crack that comes out of those American voice-actor's mouths... the majority of it, apparently, is all just add-libbed fun and it's generally pretty funny.  It's just not terribly addictive to me, so I don't watch it with any consistency.

I still need to continue watching Wolf's Rain.  I got started, but ended up leaving off due to the slow pace.  It was a good story though, and I believe I left off around when the young wolf had to leave the girl because she discovered his secret... eh. I forget. I do plan to watch more of it at some point, though.

 I've also seen the first episode of Blood +.  Good, but confusing. I feel like it's a little like the Matrix, how they're gonna wait till about the middle of the story to explain anything.  It's a little frustrating, but it's better than Neon Genesis Evangellion, which explains nothing at all. >:-p


chihinoke22 avatar chihinoke22
Jun 18, 2010

I tried to leave a comment earlier on this blog, but with my memory plus irritation from my stupid computer and/ or this website, but all I can remember is this:

"I've actually been interested in Wolf's Rain and Otomen for a while, but all the others are new to me. 

Told you I was gonna give this man some love. ^_^" 

Thats all I remember, sorry! I think I actually had a speech for this but......it got deleted, but now I now the guys name, Argent, and to tell you the truth I tend to like all the white haired anime guys! ;P

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