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Awesome Megalomaniacs and Dimwitted Players


So... Code Geass is amazing. It was definitely one of those "marathon animes" for me, where I'll start and can't stop even to the detriment of my sleep schedule and school life.  At first, Lelouch reminded me of Raito from Death Note, being such a power-mad theomaniac and all, but I soon came to enjoy the critical difference between them: Lelouch really, truly loves the individual people around him. While Raito may delude himself into believing that he can hate everyone around him and still care about the masses, Lulu knows that he will choose his loved ones over a crowd if he's really forced to decide. I find that makes him all the more relatable and loveable.

I also got caught up on the manga Tail of the Moon.  It was a cute little ninja romance, and I liked seeing the characters grow and change. It's kind of fascinating when you get a bit time-jump in a manga and the story goes on...

I also read Aisuru Hito. Kinda sucked. The situations were entertaining, but didn't really suspend my disbelief, and I really wanted to hit the female lead for her stupidity and lack of consideration.  'Cause really? If a guy has a wife, and tells you that he doesn't wanna date you because he has a wife and you seduce him anyway, you shouldn't be so shocked when he ignores you and tries to stay the heck out of the fight when said wife comes to call.  You also got no right to call him mean when you've criticized his bed skills in front of his brother, your ex (that you are still sleeping with).  Granted, some of this might not be so obvious to a main character that was raised by a mistress/potential prostitute, but still... I really don't think a main character should be quite that dense. Naive, sure, but this lack of brains leads to what I'd pretty much consider emotional abuse.

 Also started reading Baby Pop. Don't really know if I'll continue. It's kinda good, but I don't totally see where it's going. It does seem interesting to me that it's a soujo that isn't about a romance, but rather, about a stepfather and stepdaughter relationship. So far, they're giving me a Wolverine and Rogue sort of vibe (and no, I do not ship them). it's kinda cute, but I'm not totally decided on continuing.


phoenixaurora avatar phoenixaurora
Apr 10, 2011

Code Geass is one of those rare anime where it gets you addicted.  I finished both seasons in a week.  My friend finished season 1 in a day and my other friend finished it in 3.  You're right on the nail about Light's difference from Lelouch.  Everyone I know who has watched both like Lelouch better because of it.  Keep up the great blog posts!

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