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Virtual Knights & Fangirl Highlights

19 JAN

So I watched Sword Art Online the other day, and was amazed. It just hit all the right buttons. It had the fantasy element of the game itself, but the trippy sense of virtual reality to balance it all out (which also kind of skirted dystopia a bit, I think?)

Kirito was a quiet little badass and I love how he tried to be the lone-wolf but basically failed at it and made a lot of friends along the way. Mostly because he genuinely cares about people and can't stand to see loved ones hurt. And it's because he knows this about himself that he tries to make friends in such a dangerous place.

And Asuna... Asuna was WONDERFUL. Bright and badass and touch uptight but overall cool. And then... the romance I was expecting to wait several episodes for happened. And it was lovely. And then they got married. And then there was Yuui. And yeah, it all happened fast but IT WAS SO SWEET AND SATISFYING AND SAD AND....

And then we have what feels like a definite "Season 2" with a notable tone-change called "Alfheim Online." And it was... good. Sister-cousin "Leafa" was a fun character, and it was an interesting new world to explore. But there seriously needed to be more Asuna. And more Asuna being badass. And more Asuna being happy. And just more Asuna. Other than that, it was cool.

I just shouldn't have researched the show beyond watching it. I looked up more info on SAO and read summaries of the light novels and was rather disappointed. It was largely due to--as one might guess--there not being enough Asuna. *sigh*

It does seem that the show is better, though. That the writers are aware of how strong the love story is, and how strong the character development in general can be, and are weaving the back-stories and side-stories into the main plot-line which is good. Maybe they'll make changes in any upcoming "seasons" to give my beloved favorites more screen-time. Here's hoping.

On the manga front, Clockwork Angel came out this year. *So excited* I love the Infernal Devices novels by Cassandra Clare and am glad to see them getting turned into manga. I do note that they've cut a few lines here and there (Just a few less witticisms on Will's part, but his snark is predominantly there) But it's just really cool seeing visuals for the world and the automatons and everything.

Especially the collages for the back-stories. I didn't really have much of an image in my brain for Mortmain and DeQuincy, so it was good too see the underestimatable man and the villainous vampire. The only character who looked reeallly different from how I pictured him was Henry. I imagined him thinner and more freckled, and I'm not fond of the way they drew his eyes (dots and lines). I imagine him being far more expressive than what they were going for, but I con understand how the art of him solidly characterizes him as a minor/background character instead of a major one.

And then there's seeing Tessa, Will, and Jem in all their beauteous glory. There's that loveliness to be sure.

And that's all for now. I haven't been to this site in ages partly because I mostly just write when I have an anime/manga that's fascinating me and I hadn't had one hit home in a while.

Though I'm thinking of taking up Alice in the Country of Hearts again, so we'll see how that goes. ^_^

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May 6, 2014

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