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DN, FC, & BZ... Ok, so the last abbrev. don't work...


So, I've started reading Death Note. It's pretty darn fantastic. I vacillated for a while between reading the manga and watching the anime, but the opportunity to read the manga came up first. I'm currently on volume three and laughing at the constant second, third, and fourth-guessing and one-up-manship between L and Light. So much fun.

I also read all of Fairy Cube today. I didn't realize when I started that it was only a 3 volume manga. I definitely think they should have stretched the action out into at least one more volume since the story was jam-packed with a lot happening all at once, but it was still really good. I felt a connection to the characters right away,  and the angst combined with sweetness... good stuff. I liked how Ian and Rin didn't feel like they came out of any particular cookie-cuter for manga characterization.  They were unique with Ian's hopeful view of the world  combined with Rin's more wounded but strong desire to believe.

I also read volume 6 of Bizenghast a bit ago. It left me hanging, but it was nice to see the characters, Dinah specifically, growing up.  Learning more about Edrear and Edaniel is always fun too. I think I may need to write an Anime Planet summary for the manga at some point, since this place doesn't have a page for it.

I'm also back to reading Axis Powers Hetalia fanfic, though I haven't watched an episode in ages... funnily enough, it's the only fandom I'm in where you really don't have to read a single thing or watch a single episode to fully appreciate the fic. Lucky me, seeing as I'm so behind.

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