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Baby's 1st Update

28 DEC

So... Earl and Fairy. Ugh.

I saw it recommended for people who liked The Good Witch of the West: Astrea Testament (Fun manga, decent anime), so I had to give it a try.

I saw a bad review before watching it, but I decided to think nothing of it since a bad review had actually motivated me to give Romeo x Juliet a shot and I'd loved it.

But E&F is bad. At least, the first episode is. It's not just that it's chiched and over-the-top, it's that they have my personal pet peeve in it: narrating something that is already shown. ARGGH! It's one thing to tell the audience something rather than showing them; it's called mediocre writing.  But to have someone do something and then hear the main character go "You just did that!" and then have this done again and again... that's the sort of thing that kills birthdays. (I'm looking at you, Eragon, you sad excuse for a dragon fantasy film!)

So... I may watch the second ep and some point to give it a shot at redemption, but not now. On to the next one!

As for current reading, I still need to get to the bookstore. I really want the next volume of Crown (I plan to talk more about why i'm loving that series later).  I've also taken a certain fascination with Korean stuff lately.  So if they have the next volume of Bride of the Water God, that'd be great too.


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