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Anime is a great past time for me. The reason being because many of the stories are really deep and still try to keep the reality of human beings. Animes show humans at their worst and at their best. I like how they put un-familiar aspects and keep the reality of the world intact. Not all anime is like this mind you but the ones I really enjoy, I believe are. This is why I love anime, but this is my opinion of it, so if you don't agree with it please don't pay any attention to it then. I love anime and will always watch it no matter what.

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ermeyers Aug 8, 2007

Wow. You really love those romance series. I like those series too.  Haruhi is an awsome series tht everyone should see, don't you agree? Oh, right, welcome to the site and I hope tat you love this site as much as I do.