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I had to redo my profile. I'm going to keep it short.

Shelter made me cry. I cry like a little bitch everytime I watch it.

I love romance. Especially sad romance.

My favourite show of all time is SDF Mscross, and my second favourite is Macross Frontier.

If you know of any saddish romance stories, tell me. I want to know!

If you want romance stories, tell me. I know some!

Musically, I like death, power, folk, black, heavy, and every other metal type.

Also, Indie, j-pop, punk, and baroque.

3 stars is a good rating from me. Means I like it, I just don't feel it should be in the halls of fame.

As for random facts about me:

1. I'm a human.

2. I like reading manga more than watching anime.

3. I once ate a hotdog.

4. I don't like FMA.

and I'm done.

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RedCherrychapstick Feb 20, 2017


Thanks for telling me about the dog of flanders, but i dont think I'll watch it. Im really sensitive when it comes to movies, not really anime but movies. Its kind of weird how that works. Anyways im pretty sure I'll end up crying the whole time. I once watched the movie gladiator because i heard it was really good. The only reason i watched it completely was because i was to sad to move and felt like i owed it to the people who actually suffered as gladiators in the past, to at least acknowledge the pain they went through. There were so many other things that movie did to me, but if i got into it I'd probably fill the page. Anyways, I'm glad you think my grandma sounds inspiring. She's the strongest person i know and is always try to do the right thing even if it hurts her or no one listens. The things she's done are amazing, not as in she ran in to a burning building, but still, just wow. Okay, no more, i keep wanting to write more! This is so hard! Okay, next. I think i know what you mean about teaching. Im helping my little sister on her math, and im even teaching her things she hasnt learned yet, but sometimes there are things she knows how to do but i forgot how. Also, i havent watched ajin yet but i really want to so when i do ill tell recommend animes for you based on it. Also, sorry i havent replied yet, im actually considering closing this account because i want to focus on school, but i dont really know how. It sucks but if i want to finish school faster i should focus on it. I havent even been able to watch any anime for the past month! Thats why my anime list hasnt grown much. If i find out how to close my account im sorry to say that i will probably close it. Still im going to miss talking to all of you a lot! Well, until i do figure it out ill stay on for as long as i can at least. Oh, and im not sure but towanoquon seems like it might have some similarities, although i cant really say till i watch ajin. Hopefully you'll like it anyway. ^_^

Serahxx Feb 19, 2017

Short version? I can go into some detail if you want, but basically, i had a GF for a long long time, and when she left me it hurt and I'm still not over it.

Now i feel sorry..

My most recent addiction is CK2. I like making Britain great again. Also Crusades make me happy. I'm a bit of a sad monkey.

Do you have any interest in playing TTRPGs? Star wars does have some cool things. like forehead aliens, and x-wings

I think ive said before that im not rly into that mecha stuff xD, so idk yet..

Wait, i got confused. You mean that his reviews 'destroy' those animes? Like you've watched them first and then see his reviews and then they get ruined?

nononononono. I mean he is really good at reviewing shows without spoiling the story. You get a comprehensive idea of what it is about, and why its good/not good. And if it is really bad, then he ruins the show for you. He's also really funny. Most of my favourite anime comes from watching things he suggested.

;o ok then , im gonna follow that guy bcoz, sure why not, id like to see what he has to say about my anime and mby get some recommendations too!

28 is normal? no. I beg to differ. 25 is the most that I can handle comfortably. And even then I want to kill everything.

Trump is an asshole. That has been covered a few times. I am pretty sure that nobody outside the US would/could like him (except they seem to like him in Japan.),[WAIT....WAA?? ] I just think that his work is good for the USA. I also like how he isn't opposed to Russia. Russia has not been an evil superpower for quite a long time, and the entrenched animosity towards them that most American politicians have is a bad thing, because a war with Russia would not end well. The US's military is large enough that Russia would have to use missiles to fight back, and that ruins everything for everyone.

too many innocent lives will die for nothing...i dont think that  a war between us and russia thou is bout to happen any time now..


You didn't say anything about the show. You just told me you liked them volleyball bois. I would never have watched it if you hadn't asked me to, and I'm glad you did, because I liked the first 3/4 of the first season a lot. It was fantastic. Then it lost me. So,,,,,, thank you. I like it. (And I'm hoping you'll watch my fav Macross Frontier at some point, and tell me what you think of that.)

Sorry for not having the same taste in music :P! Im more of a House lover. You know, DJ, Club style and kinda having my own party wherever i hear my music lol

you should be sorry! >:(   /sarcasm

I know what house is. I've been able to live through a little bit of it. It is 100x better than rap. My sister listens to rap. I can't stan dbeing in her car. drives me insane. Do you like Daft Punk? I know that they aren't quite that genre, but they aren't too far removed from it.

i have to answer only good solid music that i can hear is house, just pure house, and yes its waaaaay better than rap, i used to like rap, but then idk why my bro ruined rap for me and began playing house music from youtube so thats how i stuck on house. Why do u prefer metal?

aww, how nice of you :D..and if by interesting u mean mentally awkward, then i am your girl! xD

I don't feel awkward reading your responses. XD And it doesn't really come through that way either. [obv u've never met me irl xD!] I'll tell you a secret. It takes me 30 minutes to respond to your messages because I have to think about what I am going to type. I will sit and think about each part for a long time, and this is the best that I can come up with. (feeling mildly pathetic)

lol dont be. u know how i late respond every time. I can take days to reply u back. The main reason (sorry for that xD) is bcoz im a bit bored lol coz well i know that i have to think what to type just like u , and also i take a long time trying to think what to say next. Some answers are pretty clear thou that come out easily...but yh u get the point.

I usually dont' win solo lanes. I learned to play as a jungler, and now I play duo lane. When I solo lane my team gets mad at me. Occasionally I can mid Diana acceptably, but I don't really run as a carry there, I support the other lanes, where I push mid, and then gank, but don't get the kills.

The only reason that I stopped playing support is because in duo lane bronze, the ADCs always push too hard, and the jungle gets free ganks. pisses me off to the point of wanting to throw things, but then I remember how much my computer cost, so I don't throw it and just quit for a while.

i get the feeling soooooo much!!! every time i lose or my team loses i rly want to break smth. either i hit my pc, either i hit the desk bellow my pc either i go out my room and hit my bro! xD...thats more effective actually coz he knows me and he says to me "u lost again huh? NOOB!" XD which makes me want to punch him harder so i let off steam that way ^^..

Do you dislike talking politics?

u cant say that i dislike it...but u cant say that i also enjoy it. So much stuff happen in the world that u just cant find the start of it all..u know the root'. u dont know where to begin analyzing. so i try to avoid talking politics bcoz i end up bad mouthing all the leaders of the states and the contries coz of bad decisions. LIKE A SQUIRREL COULD HAVE DONE BETTER! im not saying that everyone is like that but most of them are selfish and think all about money and how to earn more money for themselves, not even for their country! at least thats the way things are here ..idk about us with trump now. If u have any clues whatsoever id be glad to hear them.

also, are you a practising Christian?

<div class="cta horizontal-cta"> </div> <div class="cta horizontal-cta">what do u mean by that? xD if ive been babtised? yh ive been...if thats what u mean..</div>
phoniefly Feb 17, 2017

Hello I'm sorry i am just now getting to your comment but i didn't think people still looked at my profile. To be honest it needs an update because those are quite old i could do a last 10 or 15 i watch probably since watchign those like no lie. 

I still use this but mainly for keeping up with anime no one has really messaged me on this in a while I still love the idea but i just dont do my profile like i used to which stinks because it was fun to do it i jsut don't and beside right now i'm kind of out of anime like i have watched the occasionaly movies and such but not a series in a while i jsut can't seem to get back into anime which really sucks.

Serahxx Feb 17, 2017

I don't celebrate Valentine's Day. I mean, I'm single. And honestly I'd rather be that way right now.

Would it be awkward if i asked you why?

I'm fairly new to computers at actually. I've been alive 26 years, and used them (for more than just the occasional websearch, for only 6 years).

In tht case, I just dislike all game designers forever. Including myself. *pout*

league has made me mad about their changes more times than any other game. Remember when Shyvana was too stronk top? And then they removed the extra dmg from her w, so she couldn't top anymore, and couldn't jungle either? Their nerfs make things unplayable. And updating Sejuani. They nerfed her sooooo hard because people weren't willing to play a cautious minigame. I also rememer the end of season 2 where they made the jungle harder to delay ganks, but it made ganking top easier than taking a second buff..... 

Lmao I remember that too! I have to say now ive given up a bit on kinda hooked up in Battlefield atm..

I'm a TTRPG designer myself, (not payed is hobby) and my first goal with everything made is to make damn sure I know what is the actually problem before trying to "fix" it. Anyway, /rant #petpeeve

Nah. Star wars is a thing that only makes sense for those with fond memories of it. If it doesn't trigger nostalgia, it won't work on you. For me, i remember watching the 70s ones with my brother as a kid, so it was just natural for me to watch the rest of them... Star Wars isn't actually very good.

Ye it istn really my whole family watches it except me and they are going insane over it. I dont get it for the reason u said urself, i was born way later since it first aired so...u get it..

The guy in the video has also done some amazing reviews for anime. He is the reason that I watched Ergo Proxy, Mardock Scramble, and a few others, and they were all awesome. (and his reviews don't ruin then before you watch them)

Wait, i got confused. You mean that his reviews 'destroy' those animes? Like you've watched them first and then see his reviews and then they get ruined?

Ah. I'm in mountain climate, so hot summers, and freezing winters, and in summer freezing nights. Gets as hot as 110 during july and august, and even in those months can get as low as 40 at night. The Japan law is that they can't set the air conditioning to lower than 28. Because most people like to work in 65-70(18-21)

Well yh, bcoz that is the ideal temp. Not too hot and not too cold. Normal

And i would say that i feel sorry for u, but instead i feel sorry for us bcoz we kinda have the same thing here , but the only difference is that our so called 'hot days' are longer than urs...meaning they last till nightfall as well

Its also Pascha in Russia. Protestants and Catholics use Easter. English Orthodox Christians use Pascha. I'm not actually Russian. I'm English but raised in 'Murica. Buttttt, Russian church and stuff. i read Church Slavonic. And I can usually figure out the names of saints in Greek... (because russian and greek share many letters)

yes the SUNBURN!!!! OOOOHHHHHHHHH punpun win! :D

Liking Trump? well, it basically works like this. I am 100% anti globalism. Trump is a nationalist. He wants america to be america. Which... that really resonates with me as a nationalist. Also, I'm pro-Russia. I really like Putin, and Trump has taken the state of the US being seconds away from war with Russia to not being as close to war. Sure, it might still hapen, but Clinton seemed like she would bring it htere right away.

And the second thing.Immigration laws. The laws of immigration in the US have been skirted and ignored by immigrants for a really long time. (I'm an immigrant), and the majority of people that avoid immigration laws are criminals. I don't want unvetted criminals to gain free reign in my country.

Firstly i have to say that i wont start bad mouthing trump bcoz he has done things like said things that insult the greek ppl, so im only gonna comment on the immigration thing. And i completely agree with you in that matter. Immigration laws should be followed and not every person that wants to immigrate just go over the boarder and think they already belong in that country. Same stuff kinda happens here too with the ppl from islam that go pass greece so they can go to other countrys. But some decide to stay and dont do paperwork. They get a job and they're not fully im pissed off! xD..


I'm not touching that second season. The first ones ending was... I finished it, but it lost me. I only finished it to have another "completed" anime on my watched list. I really don't care about volleyball. and at the end they spent more time on volleyball, and less time on the relationships. And the relationships was what caught me into it in the first place.

I should have said in the beginning that that anime had nothing to do with relationships...its just pure athletic anime that focuses on fault here..


wut? why no metalz? Metal is love and life. I'd probably listen to garbage if it didn't exist.

Sorry for not having the same taste in music :P! Im more of a House lover. You know, DJ, Club style and kinda having my own party wherever i hear my music lol

I get excited when I see your responses because they are always interesting to read, and they occasionaly make me smile.

aww, how nice of you :D..and if by interesting u mean mentally awkward, then i am your girl! xD


grumpy = bad mood/ gets angry easily. It doesn't mean old. XD

oh! well i read that wrong! xD i read gramps! XDD so i thought u said grandpa...lmao so embarassed..

I can't stand laning solo or jungling anymore because people get soooooooo mad about it. I just gave up on it. As ADC, I can do slightly unconventional things like all AD runes and that takes people by surprise and then I win cause of that. But solo, I have to actually have skill. *le shudder*

to be honest here, the only reason i love solo is bcoz i love to piss off ppl. I laugh for hours after i know that they got owned by me xD. thats bad i know, i just cant help that feeling of satisfaction coming my way when i solo :P

RedCherrychapstick Feb 14, 2017

oh yeah, one last thing, the flame swordsman is joey's fav right?