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I had to redo my profile. I'm going to keep it short.

Shelter made me cry. I cry like a little bitch everytime I watch it.

I love romance. Especially sad romance.

My favourite show of all time is SDF Mscross, and my second favourite is Macross Frontier.

If you know of any saddish romance stories, tell me. I want to know!

If you want romance stories, tell me. I know some!

Musically, I like death, power, folk, black, heavy, and every other metal type.

Also, Indie, j-pop, punk, and baroque.

3 stars is a good rating from me. Means I like it, I just don't feel it should be in the halls of fame.

As for random facts about me:

1. I'm a human.

2. I like reading manga more than watching anime.

3. I once ate a hotdog.

4. I don't like FMA.

and I'm done.

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prigon Apr 15, 2017

not really 

only a little bit 

what about you ?

prigon Apr 13, 2017

hey priyansh here want to be friends

Serahxx Apr 10, 2017

I tried looking for other things, but there is nothing. Its like he died or something. Gone from the face of the earth. Or maybe his dad got mad at him being a weab all the time.

i dont think he was that young for his dad to get mad at him lol. but anywayz..


That sounds like most shy people. I'm on of those. Although, I am capable of sitting somewhere and not talking for hours on end. My first gf broke up with me because she thought I was insane or something when I would invite her places and just sit there saying nothing. For an hour. XD It would always be a place with a nice view.

thats insane. why would she do that? if u have a problem with someone u solve it, why break up all of a sudden? i just dont get it. anyways um, i think im cabable of not talking for hours just like you. but if there's a subject im interested in, i just wont shut up! xD


Is that an incognito invitation to use another communication platform? I can do that if you want, but it takes effort to respond to things, so my responses will still be in the same time frame of 1 week to whenever. It was only Christmas break that I had enough freetime to reply daily. (I'm not a student. I swear! I'm sort of a farmer, so I have NOTHING to do in the winter.)

tbh not really, i was just giving an example, i dont mind going on AP to comment bk at u. i explained before why i take so much time to respond bk, and truth be told i dont see any reason why we should keep going on abt this since we both know that both of us is gonna be late to reply anyways xD. oh and u are a farmer? really? wow i rly thought u were a student or is it?

I'm trying to update my LOL right now. haen't played for almost a month. I got KOTOR (12 yrs late), and found some really good manga lately. Il Kwon Ha is the beeeeeesssssssssssst author for heartthrob stories. He doesn't really make a story, he makes characters, makes you like them, and then kills them. XD I'm a masochist. *sob sob*

every good manga and anime that respects itself will eventually make u like a character and kill em xD

Also, that was the most awkward thing that you've said yet. If you hadn't already told me, that last paragraph would have me guessing that you aren't a native speaker. I can't really point out any one thing that makes it like that, its just the word order and tone are... foreign. Not foreign enough to need a map, but... interesting is the word, i guess. I swear I'm not trying to insult you.

i honestly didnt get u lol. what was the awkward thing? and why foreign? i mean yes i am foreign but... can u explain further?

Lets just not talk about this... agreed!

So, in other news, have you heard of kobayashi dragon thingie? Cause if you like it, I have a video to show you, but if you don't, then I don't have a video to show you. I haven't seen it myself, but it seems like an ecchi, so I don't know if that would even work for you. 

tbh i just finished watching it and i liked it. althou i wanted more dragon action (like a fight or smth), but i think it was a pretty average anime. so ill take u up on that video.


since your my sempai in LoL, I figured I'd tell you first. I made it to bronze 4! I'm almost a pro.

im so honored ^^ and idk why but i got a bit happy and satisfied. like when a teacher feels happy that his student passed his exams. that kind of feeling! xD KEEP PUSHING FORWARD MY LITTLE HOKAI!

Serahxx Apr 2, 2017

Im sorry for taking such a long time to reply, i just happen to be packed with essays and these guys wont let me relax ._. ugh life's hard on uni students..anyways i promise to reply as soon as i can! 

tennis101101 Mar 19, 2017

I don't really have a favorite type of anime. But I am willing to try to watch any anime but ecchi animes.