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What?! No anime ratings?

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rafalohaki Dec 7, 2015

i watched 600animes but in 3 years :3 

RapidYaoiOtaku27 May 3, 2008

How have you watched all of Daa! Daa! Daa! the other epis are in italian T_T

zurfez Oct 19, 2007

well, at least whats in this data base

zurfez Oct 19, 2007

damn. i was wandering how long time it would take to see all of the animes. thank you fore having nothing to do. I mean taking the entier list in "watched"

sothis Oct 10, 2007

Yeah I'm calling bullshit :p there's no way someone has seen every single anime in the database. It's not like there's a list though of top "my life on anime" people, so it's kinda confusing at the motive o_o