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hi im amy and this is my profile. i love anime and manga (duh!) my favorite characters are ciel phantomhive and alois trancy. my favorite mangas are pandora hearts and kuroshitsuji. my favorite anime is naruto. my favorite color is blood red. i think goths are cool, dont believe in god, and think you should never commit suicide. i mean if you want to die ask someone to kill you! dont pay them either cuz if you want to die people must hate you and would be happy to kill you without pay. i look cheerful and happy but people who know me know im dark. i like deep qoutes and stuff. i like red and black and would probably always be seen in red and black clothes cuz it looks cool and i mentioned before that i think goths are cool and could probably be one but i dont have money to buy that clothes so yeah, guess this is the end.

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