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kingofdemons Jan 5, 2016

hello there how is it going

Th3Laugh1ngMan Dec 30, 2015

and also how/why did you watch mushishi 54 times and give it 2/5

Th3Laugh1ngMan Dec 30, 2015


I'd recommend:

FLCL-it has a great plot, great ost, and is one of the best coming of age animes, it's extremely thought provoking and everything is subtle, really fast pacing and only 6 episodes

Akira-basically one of the biggest landmarks in animes, the story basically about this one loser who gets psychic powers accidently and goes bat shit crazy and the animation is fucking phenomonal and extremely fast pacing, the characters are gripping enough

Princess Tutu-i fucking hate most magical girl crap but this show is very serious with no girly crap whatsoever, an emotional plot, a very great character cast with solid character development, solid pacing, and it's very thought provoking, ost is amazing if you love classical music, don't let title deceive, watch the first episode and decide from there but it's very well done 

Berserk-very phenomonal character development that's subtle, solid pacing, some violence, but really the characters really make this show, it's a very serious show, gets very fucked up towards the end

Neon Genesis Evangelion-also one of the biggest landmark animes, it's arguably the most psychological anime, mecha, the way the characters interact and think really accurately paints how we think in a very dark manner, great visuals overall, great ost, ridiculous plot twists, it can be confusing and misleading but it's very thought provoking

Escaflowne-very underrated bc it came out in the midst of when cowboy bebop and ghost in the shell and neon genesis evangelion came out, its a very well rounded mecha that has great visuals and ost, unpredictable plot twists, all the characters even the villains are likeable to some extent, solid pacing

Perfect Blue-total mindfuck anime movie about this pop singer girl who gets stalked and slowly goes crazy unable to tell reality from fiction, the plot twists are extreme but effective, the character development is real, extremely dark, written by satoshi kon and his other works are also highly recommended

i hope this helps and please message me if you liked/watched any of these!

do you have any recommendations for me

Th3Laugh1ngMan Dec 28, 2015

you have decent taste in anime