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 So, about me...Hmm. Well, first off totally addicted to Anime of course.  First anime  I watched was Rurouni Kenshin: Tsuiokuhen.  After than Vampire Knight, then I was totally hooked.   I watch about any kind a anime to slice of life, ecchi, to horror. 

First Manga I read was "Tail of the moon".  I haven't read too many Manga's though, but slowly I'm getting into a few.  

Also, I started watching Japanese Drama's.   Favorite drama so far,   "1 litre of Tear".   Wow, what a good drama, I highly recommend it, espescially if you need a good cry.  I cried after every episode.  LOL  Also, a friend suggested I watch "My Girlfriend is a Gumhio" a korean Drama.  It was awesome! But  I'm totally hooked to Korean drama's, too.

So, I like being silly, sometimes too silly.  Ya got a total goofball here.  LOL  I got a bit of a black  humor and dirty mind at times. I don't get mad, well not that much,and I forgive way easily.  Pretty much always willing to help someone out, just don't ask for money.  I'll use the same excuse, " I never carry cash", but hell it's true. (actually,  no one ever ask, but I thought it was a cute thing to say). ヾ(*⌒ヮ⌒*)ゞ

Absolutely love the summer because that's when I can staying up as late as I want and watching anime when everybody asleep.  But, I absolutely hate when summers over, and  school's back in session.  But, It's nice having the house to myself again.  But, then that mean that it's homework time again and with homework come school projects and with school projects come teachers and principals which, I hate even more.  

I have two boys, 10 and 13. The younger one hates school so much. The older one would probably like to be home on his computer all day playing DAOC talking with his friend. same with the younger, just different game and beating up on his brother, he seriously beats him up. LOL

Right now, I'm trying to learn Japanese.  I found out the library has a good sight.  It's Mango Languages.  Also, doing  Rosetta Stone but, that's a little hard.    Human Japanese and Instant Immersion Japanese, there good programs too.

What's on my MP3 player?  Of course, there are tons of anime openings and endings on there.  Then, lots and lots of Vocaloids.  I Also have the music thats in the Japanese Drama's and  Korean Drama's that I watch.

I'm really into foing to conventions right now, went to my first anime convention last year and discovered how awesome they are, thanks so a suggestion from a friend, I am so glad he mentioned it.  Been to three so far with my son.  And of course, guess who I dressed up as, no other that Amu Hinamori herself.  







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sothis says...

That first image in your bio is so cute XD

welcome, btw ^_^

Mar 15, 2011
nixops says...

Black Humour? dirty Mind? I thought everybody had that.

Mar 11, 2011
charlie2alpha says...

I'm already keeping both lists up to date for a over a year now, I'm used to it. I prefer to have both, so as to have always a backup list.

Mar 6, 2011
JusenkyoGuide says...

Hiya .. looks like your list made it :-)

Mar 6, 2011
charlie2alpha says...

Welcome to Anime Planet then! I've been here more than in MAL, there is no such thing as lag.

Mar 6, 2011