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Top 5 is a little bit hard to pick out, hard to order. I don't really have one favourite, just a bunch that I like.

I am also obsessed a little with visual-kei.

More bio later?

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tetra Oct 22, 2007

I don't really like them, mostly since I want them to stay in the couples that are in in the original =)

tetra Oct 22, 2007

I fortunately never watched the dub. (dubs are evil!)

If you want reviews and information on the series that are more yaoi than shounen ai,( ie more porn, so Sothis wont add them to the anirec)try out a site that is called boys on boys on boys on film. 

You read the grav manga?  Ever been to obsession to read their scanslations of the remixes?

wolfangel87 Oct 21, 2007

Yes!  *Using magic powers . . . . nothing happened*  I think i drained them for now, got to rest up and practice some more!

tetra Oct 21, 2007

Aarinfantasy has a site solely for yaoi. Its rather good.

If you can live with bad visuality (old old anime) you should try Ai no Kusabi. For the more "tame" yaoi try gravitation. (although the main character can be really annoying). Oh, and they have animated the first part of Haru wo Daite Ita!

And for mood anime, nothing beats mushishi! 

wolfangel87 Oct 21, 2007

Nice avatar pic!  Woo hoo, I got the power *does a weird funky 70s dance*  Now make a sig *using magical signal, hypnotizing alyss to make sig*