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Top 5 is a little bit hard to pick out, hard to order. I don't really have one favourite, just a bunch that I like.

I am also obsessed a little with visual-kei.

More bio later?

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Saoulmanblaster Nov 1, 2007

You are cute and you like Great Teacher Onizuka,, so you cant be bad. I just dropped to say hello

tetra Oct 31, 2007

Mmm being singled out is mostly not fun, even if it is in a positive way. One of the main reasons why I can not understand the weirdos who want to be famous, participate in reality shows or become artists/products. 

tetra Oct 30, 2007

Mmm asian clothes are not for me unfortunately. The bodytype of scandinavian women and asian women are very very different. And now I am seriously envious of your filled bags and mailed boxes ^^;

Did you have a good time? A friend of mine who was in Japan got stared at (in a good way) wherever he went, people took pictures of him and wanted to invite him to parties and stuff. It might be because his hair was dyed neon red though ;) 

tetra Oct 26, 2007

If I ever went to Japan I would ruin myself on cellphone straps, clothes, edo-furin music and nick-nacks. Since I can neither read nor understand japanese it would be pretty dumb of me to buy manga ;)

But boy would I buy clothes... if the have sizes I can wear that is... 

Lolo Oct 24, 2007

I heard the ending kinda stinks but there are the novels which eventually I will read :) Thanks for the song recommendation! You rock!