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Top 5 is a little bit hard to pick out, hard to order. I don't really have one favourite, just a bunch that I like.

I am also obsessed a little with visual-kei.

More bio later?

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Illsuions Dec 2, 2007

ha that’s it I knew I'd seen that face before, not that your picture is any less pretty, it was just really bothering me that I couldn't remember where I'd seen that face. 

What order did you watch Melancholy in? I heard there’s 3 ways to watch it, airing order chronological order and the dvd order... just makes me more curious to see what its all about!!

Illsuions Nov 27, 2007

Hey I'm new here too, was just poking around...

I'm sure many others have commented on your Avie... don't know if that's you or not but whoever it is, is absolutely gorgeous.

I saw The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya on your list just started watching, def seems right my ally

K that's all for now... see you round :P

Saoulmanblaster Nov 20, 2007

Do you like dragonball z to?

Saoulmanblaster Nov 6, 2007

With great powers come great responsibility! HAHA i dont know about that! What would you do if you had supe powers?

tetra Nov 2, 2007

When my father, uncle and grand father was in China they had more pictures taken of them than they took pictures themselves. For some reason the chinese was fashinated by men that was twice their length and thrice their size ^^ add to that that both my father and uncle had beards at that time...