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Naruto vs Pain


One of the most anticipated fights in anime EVER (well for me at least). Season 8 is soooo action-packed that I dedicated my entire weekend to Naruto :)

************************Spoiler Warning!***************************

Naruto Shippuden  episodes 129 -143  Season 6

Naruto Shippuden episodes 152-175 Season 8

************************Spoiler Warning!***************************

OMFG I didn't think Naruto could get better and better. I remember watching Naruto (not Shippuden) and being entertained but I still prefered Bleach. Now the roles have switched, I still love Bleach but I can't stop watching Shippuden.

So what makes this fight one of the most anticipated? Well after Pain killed Jiraiya you pretty much knew the nine-tails was gonna come out of Naruto again. After Naruto learned that Jiraiya was killed by Pain, everyone wanted to see him take his revenge (at least I did!). Imagine if he had learned about Jiraiya's death during his fight with Pain!! :o that would've been really interesting as well.

The storyline progressing toward the fight was very well done aside from the fact that his sage mode training took forever, but you can't really rush something like that. If you learn some amazing new technique it should take some time to master.

I love the idea of Pain, his power and his past. When he went on his rampage destroying the Leaf Village looking for Naruto it was interesting to see how the other characters took action and it was shocking when he completely wiped out the village. The whole time I was like "AHHHHHHHH" because Naruto had no idea what was going on (Danzo killed the messenger frog).

When Naruto finally showed up, that was just about the coolest thing ever. That episode had "Badass" written all over it. After just mastering sage mode it was extremely cool to see it in action.

This fight was also one of the biggest let-downs ever. After Naruto turned into the nine-tails I expected to see an EPIC fight but instead they crammed the entire nine-tails fight into 1 minute!! Eight of his tails popped out in 20 seconds!! :/ I was disappointed. They changed the art for that fight scene as well which I wouldn't have minded if it was for another fight, not this one.

Anyway, I still love the show and Naruto vs Pain is still one of my favorite fights ever! Speaking of favorite fights I need to talk about Sasuke vs Itachi!!!

I'm sure you have your own opinion so let me know! :)

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