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The Cat Returns

Jan 3, 2012

The cat returns is one of the many films in the Studio Ghibli collection. It's a simple story about a girl who saves a cat and is whisked away to the Cat Kingdom against her will and almost forced into marriage with Prince Lune. Haru is just an ordinary girl, she doesn't want to be married: but does this mean she regrets saving the cat?

The story is sweet and satisfying, although it feels short at around 75minutes in length, it ticks all the boxes. Haru's meeting with Baron, her saviour and guide marks the start of a journey. A journey not only to escape the Cat Kingdom, well, prevent being taken there at first, but a journey into being one's self. Expressing yourself and showing yourself as a person is one of the morals to this fictional tale that is orchestrated beautifully by Studio Ghibli.

There are trials along the way to becoming your own person too. When marriage is forced upon her and she herself starts becoming a cat, she doesn't quite know what to do. She is caught up in the King's plan and is too polite to anger the royal family. Yuki, a friend from long ago, aids Haru, Baron and Muta in their journey to escape the kingdom and return Haru to her home.

I found it a very enjoyable story as the characters where developed enough to give them a sense of life and morals. It sounds like a typical arranged marriage turned escape story but what can I say, cats are involved.

The way the story uses cats to explore the fictional world of imagination is genius. Everybody has had the thought: "can cats talk?". Cats are, from my personal experience, beautiful little animals which you can love forever and they will return your love. Yep, I'm a huge cat fan. I have 2 cats in my house; Taz and Zeus. They are amazing animals.
Well, enough about my cats, with the english dub of the movie....usually I'm sceptical with english dubs, but since it's Ghibli, you can't be too disappointed. Anne Hathaway voices Haru brilliantly. I actually enjoyed the dub for once. None of those annoying high-pitched surreal voices that make you want to stab your ears or anything. It was quite enjoyable.

On an final note, I'd like to whole-heartedly recommend this cat-tastic adventure as I found it miaow-valleous. You can sit down with the whole family and watch it, or like me, sit upstairs and watch it while everybody's sleeping to get that nice feel-good feeling from a good Ghibli movie.

8/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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