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C: The Money and Soul of Possibilty Control

Story (8/10)

Well, the story seems dull from just a quick plot summary but I found it impressive although there is an audience that somehow claimed it to be confusing. There is alot going on to amuse you and loads of theories you think on along the way as to justify events. The whole economy thing adds a whole new twist to the usual shounen anime.

It follows a 19 year old university student and, along the way, his friends, teacher, and his future- quite literally. After being pulled into offering up his future as collateral for money, he wants to change the future. This reminded me of Code Geass where those given power want to change the world as they see it right. You could also say it fits Death Note too, the fact that there are many people changing the future without us realising is a good twist too.

Animation (9/10)

To me, the animation was well directed. It was always clean and smooth with transitions and effects making it feel finished. There were also some 3D animation scenes which gave it another level of animation and although these parts were short, made it feel like the game that they were playing. It is hard to explain but it is still very good animation and I don’t see how they can improve much, especially with beautiful animation techniques being used at the end of the series.

Sound (7/10)

Being honest, there is nothing noteworthy in this series that is earcatching. The opening song by FICTIONJUNCTION is good, especially for me as a fan of them) but nothing special. The voice actors were good,  especially Masakaki whose voice fitted him perfectly. I cannot really say much other than it was a decent effort which didn’t wow me considering the amount of new animes that have been recently released.

Characters (9/10)

Its often that a character is given power for no reason in an anime. This time however, the power was money related. And as stated in the anime: “Money is trust.” The characters are well built, the main character, Yoga, is an average kid with no money who doesnt like his friends getting hurt; especially his asset Msyu.  Yoga’s drive to change the future but not knowing where to start or how to do it is a dive into the human mind as he has to identify friend from foe and literally save the future of all the people of Japan.

Msyu is an interesting character, Yoga’s asset has special powers like all other assets but sees herself becoming closer and closer to Yoga as friends and may want something more, a bit cliché but nothing cheesy- she doesn’t know or understand what love is. She knows she will heal in battle and says that saving or helping Yoga is an assets’ instinct and that all assets are for is helping their entre win battles.

These are only two of the wonderful assortment of characters present in the anime, I loved Masakaki, he reminded me of the mad hatter and the cheshire cat mixed into one, was he good, or was he bad? His thought process and plans are unknown and this makes him more mysterious and lovable.

Overall (8/10)

This anime is short(11 episodes long) so easy to complete in an evening and is great fun to watch and is also quite surprising. Its not often that an anime dives into the real world with topics like recession and inflation and pulls it off brilliantly, it is one of my favourite anime and I recommend it to all.



8/10 story
9/10 animation
7/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
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roriconfan Apr 22, 2012

This show was a total mess. Very disappointing.