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Jul 3, 2011


Personally, I found the story absolutely brilliant. It first came across as a series of short stories which were all genius themselves. I am a sucker for a good mystery story with a little supernatural factor which is beautifully covered by Bones’ attempt to convert the light novels into this fabulous anime. The story got deeper and deeper and i found myself getting drawn deeper into the anime making me want to know the ending but at the same time I was wishing for it not to end. It started my year of a really good note with its creativity and plot twists.



I loved the beautiful anime transitions and effects that were used. It was clean and smooth. My most favourite part, animation wise, was the opening scene. It was beautiful and dare i say, reminded me of the clothing in the US cartoon Chowder. It made my viewing experience much more fulfilled. I despise anyone who skips the opening sequence to this wonderful anime!



The sound was good, it had a lovely opening song and I loved the first ending: ‘Resuscitated Hope’. The voice acting was suiting and there was a good use of sound effects throughout the anime. Sadly, there was not a major part in the anime where i was wowed by the sound used, but then again, sound isn’t usually designed to wow the audience in a large way.



The characters of this anime were absolutely brilliant! The use of the Monstre Charmante theme was beautifully portrayed by Victorique and Kujo and made the pairing more unique. The other characters such as Cordelia and Brian also had perfect roles as well as Inspector de Blois, the Marquis de Blois and other lead characters had amazing personalities and felt real in some cases. They each had motivation and even the support characters became involved slightly and added to the impact and effect of their appearance to the audience. I LOVED THEM!



I LOVED THIS ANIME! It made me so sad to see it end and it is definitely my favourite anime ever now, it overtook Bakemonogatari and has made me so attached I even have the urge to buy posters and other such merchandise if i can find it on eBay. It was perfection. Enough said.







10/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
9.5/10 characters
9/10 overall
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