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automatic avatar automatic

Thanks! ^_^

Feb 4, 2010

haha awesome! Thanks for warning me about Air. =P

I love sad depressing emo anime aimed at female audiences so I'll give Kanon a shot sometime. I'll probably start Higurashi or something bloody (haven't seen something like that in a while) whenever I have the chance .

TheLonging avatar TheLonging


Jan 20, 2009

Thanks for the torrent dude. Loving it.


BTW, when you moving? And I just noticed I am the only one who comments on your profile... <____<

TheLonging avatar TheLonging


Jan 16, 2009
Really? Wow, thanks. Can you send me the link via email? it's ghcity555, it's a gmail, and it's at the domain called com <_<
TheLonging avatar TheLonging


Jan 16, 2009

Yes, that is Paniponi Dash! in my sig. It's my obession at the moment. Which is why I'm trying to find any torrent that has at least the japanese episodes with english subs, or vice versa. Maybe a mix of the two (english episodes, english subs etc.) would be nice, but I can't find anything good. :(

TheLonging avatar TheLonging


Jan 16, 2009

Actually, the majority of people here are middle-class. They raise and lower on a whim. I have literattly seen prices go from $3.00 one day, and have it been raised to $3.75 the next. Ridiculous.


I'm just downloading some hentai and Japanese episodes of Paniponi with English subs... taking a fuck of a while, fuck having only one seed.

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