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ResidentAsianKid Apr 30, 2012

If you've watched haruhi then you might like lucky star. It's based on the lifestyle of a group of highschoolers. There is a lot of comedy and with weird and awkward moments in both of these, they really tie together well. 

With angel beats! you might like kore wa zombie desu ka?. It is both funny and for the same reason as lucky star it is hilarious with the situations the characters get into. It has a general story line and the characters are well rounded.

As a lead on from these, i'd sugest Bakemonogatari (story of a monster) and full metal panic. Bakemonogatari as it is funny and full metal panic as it is something similar with high school life with extra stuff such as mecha and military backgrounds. This could be of interest however if it's not your cup of tea then just stick with the others.

Bleach and Naruto are quite long compared to the others however if you have started with fairy tail then you may find these interesting. I will warn you that the long anime's can get repetitive and are better when watched over a long time.

Im only basing these off of what you've put in your watched list. Watch the first 2 or 3 episodes from each and find out whether it is something that might interest you.

I hope this helped . . .   Enjoy. ^_^