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First Time To anime : Fast Watch

10 MAR

If you new to anime and want to get into it
If you have same one you want to get into anime these lists and falw lists is just for you

First Time To anime : Fast Watch

Let say you don't have time for get into watch a 26 Episode or even 12 episode show, these list for only movies and OVA (OVA is made for VHSDVDBR anime most the times less then 6 episodes)

so ;et start the list there no real order here (it not top list)

1. Five Centimeters Per Second
about frinds how get away from each others, and with time the distance become more and more.
it so sentimental anime with great visual.

2. Afro Samurai and Afro Samurai Resurrection
It a simple anime, Afro is a Samurai and he cut peoples, violence at it finest , pure action anime uniqe visual and the OST is awaseom.

3. Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro
In my book best way to get into Miyazaki Hayao and Lupin , one of the best animation in any anime, and story full of fun and Adventure.

4. Street Fighter Zero: The Animation
if you like Street Fighter, you will love Street Fighter, it may not the best anime in the list but one of the best video game anime, and gate way if you love the games, the action is cool and the characters do all the movies in great way.

5. Mazinkaiser
7 Episode OVA, even that these anime is kind of Sequel, but the story is not that complicated, and hpw hard for you to enjoy big gaints robots kick each others ass.

6. Millennium Actress
great story with amazing visual about a Actress life from she was teenager tell she old woman it just great work.

7. Ninja Scroll (the movie stay away from the TV)
gore blood sex action violence all what you parents never want you to see

8. New Fist of the North Star
3 OVA about kenshiro (manlyest man in anime) he master of "Hokuto Shin Ken" fighting style, that make you oppnent explode so
gore blood action violence all what you parents never want you to see all here, the other anime is so old after watch that try 3 episode of the orginal anime.

Racing anime in the future, and you can see it is kind of wierd anime bt good wierd lots of amazing visual and animation that you never see befor and totly over the top of how crazy it can be.

10. Golden Boy
very fun anime comedy and echhi ,there not that mach to talk about these anime it just fun anime and most anime ar just like that, comedy and boobs what you wan't more in life.

these is the list i hope you like it
each time ill try to make new list with new theme to it, see you next time</div>


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