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about me

Do people know what is anime for real ????

listen to a random conversation i had with a girl in my school

So a girl asks me do you watch one piece ? (she figured that out because i've written in my shoes ONE PIECE)

and i say to her yes and i ask how about you ? 

and she says yes and then i ask do you watch only one piece or anime in general ? 

and she answers i watch only one piece now the other thing you are telling me (MEANING ANIME) i've maybe seen it once or twice but i dont know it 


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October 10, 2008

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April 24, 2010

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VincentOtaku avatar VincentOtaku


Mar 1, 2010

wraia sizitisi eixes me tin kopela haha

sinenoisi karoumpalo xD

guineveregc avatar guineveregc


Mar 1, 2010

nai nai nai. katse des prwta code geass kai kenshin kai meta klase mas me to fairy tail. (L)

guineveregc avatar guineveregc


Nov 14, 2009

variemai na sou apantisw :)

guineveregc avatar guineveregc


Oct 19, 2009

vrika to no 1 anime :P. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 asdf asdf opoios thelei mathainei. eides ti kanei to diavasma tou panepistimiou?

Sandy avatar Sandy


Feb 15, 2009

allo!! pws t legane ekeino t anime p m eleges na dw???? ekeino m t high-school klp?

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