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Code:Breaker Review

26 MAR

Only got up to episode two.  Some may argue that dropping after two episodes is far too early, and in most cases, I'd agree, but there are much too many elements that irk me.

For one, I really don't like characters like Sakurakoji Sakura.  While she has nice characteristics about her and her sense of justice, from what little I've seen is admirable, even though she has most of the screen-time, she still comes off weak.  She leaves little impression, and from my own research into other people's reviews, it doesn't seem like she ever changes.

When there are only 13 episodes in the season as well, the plot progression seemed to move too slow.  There are some animations in which a slow plot progression does no damage my opinion of the series, but for this anime, with the impression that Code:Breaker was slow-paced equates to my general feeling that watching the show was boring.  The beginning was boring for all that we were met with a circle of men burning in blue flames, by a mysterious handsome lad.  Just, poorly done.

I watched the beginning of episode 13, the last episode by accident, and what appears to be a major fight scene, pivotal to the conclusion of the series, also appeared to be very poorly done.  I was wholly unimpressed.  In an action genre, where fight scenes are the selling point, that's just inexcusable.

Not worth finishing.

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