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Hey there, I'm Alishere2, I enjoy watching anime, reading manga and listening to japanese music.

Top 5's/10's are hard but, I'll try.



Death Note

Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Space Brothers





Shokugeki no Soma

Cross Game

One Outs

Although I don't list many in my top 5's, my favourite genre tends to be sports. For some reason I just get hooked on them, even if a lot of them follow the same formula. Of those baseball is my favourite. One day I will probably end up watching and reading every baseball related anime/manga released. There is always too much to watch and never enough time. Lets hope the new releases continue to be good ones!

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NeiniAurora3500 Mar 5, 2012

No kidding! During school today I read your post on my phone and was devastated to find this news out :'( The one great thing about mondays has been removed this week... Cool that you've regained your sanity. I'm still searching for my own sanity lol. achka!!!!!

That is good to know. Maybe its just because of the modern day anime coming out with more censorship and being more modernized I'm getting a tad paranoid. Seeing as the west has a way of influencing other countries. They have no need to mimic other countries. As at least we want to mimic them. There's going to be a ton of anime/manga influence in this story I'm writing.

Funny that you mention vocaloid. For some reason I'm in a Miku Hatsune phase now where I feel like listening to a bunch of vocaloid songs. Is it just because its japanese? Because I find it to be far better than songs with english in them. Even if it isn't my favorite style of music its still great.

No need to attach yourself or identify with a specific genere(s). If it has a great plot with great characters then you should watch it. Epic soundtrack is an added bonus to an already epic anime. I applaud you for not dropping a single anime. It can be very hard for even the most hardcore otaku to not like even 1 anime. It is hard to dislike any anime luckily thou. Only a few not as good ones. but 98.7% of the time Anime is at least good.

They do deserve some respect for attempting to expose anime/manga to uninformed americans. Thou I still hate it when they dub it then censor it so the brats (I mean the children) can watch it without parents complaining. Heck Naruto Shippuden is a great example of this. Disney XD got the rights to air it but the rotten part is even thou it had a late night showing (around 9 or 12pm can't remember for sure) I hear it was cut to shreds. No blood, no swords, no sex, drug references. Sake being "juice" Gods it totally sucks. Companies like this and 4kids give anime a terrible name (being for kids) among americans which make the bastards who bash anime have more reasons to bash it. If its going to be censored it should not be aired at all. 

Oh Gomen. We shall avoid that then.

Dunno if this classifies as a pretty extreme otaku or not. But I view anime/manga as more than a hobby. Its almost like a religion and lifestyle esentially at this point. From age of 13 I've transitioned from old tv american cartoons (which I despise now knowing what I've been missing from anime) I haven't cosplayed or been to any conventions but I would if I could. I probally said it all before. I even imagined how the world would be run if anime characters ruled the world lol.

Even without having everything from the manga Death Note was still a great anime. Of course I saw the anime before the manga. But from there you're really able to feel sympathy with someone who kills people in the name of justice. hmm.... I'm not sure where you stand on the Light/ L morality issue. so I won't say much more. I'll just say I like both Light and L but I agree with Light's way more.

This site along with several anime streaming sites are my safe haven from the real world. Totally agree with you! Its suprising how few people know about anime. Hell few people know of my secret Otaku life. Even if most of them know they don't truely understand what its like. Here we can remove our masks and embrace our true nature and culture without the pressures of the "real mainstream world" Nothing can ever compare to anime. Because anime is this world's best creation. Nothing like the deformed cousins they call "cartoons". Glad you were able to reply. I shall patiently wait. While I watch more anime. :D

NeiniAurora3500 Mar 1, 2012

It would be interesting to know why certain animes have english openings. Its one thing if its dubbed for western audiences and given an english opening but these are the orginal subbed formats, its pretty puzzling. I just hope anime overall doesn't completely assimilate with western culture's desires as part of the reason I watch anime is to get away from this culture and experience a better one.

I used to do that. I have a few playlists on my yt channel dedicated exclusively to anime osts. Which happens to have a lot. Awhile ago I started downloading them into mp3 format so I could hear them on my ipod. Been doing this for awhile as well. Since when I'm not on the com. its good to be able to listen to anime soundtrack anywhere. I would normally pay for it on itunes but itunes barely has anything and when it does it's normally a crappish remix. We don't have to settle for that!

No problems there I was naive as well similar to your situation. At the time I started with Naruto I was sensitive to violent imagery as well, and I still had strong morals. I didn't understand what dubbed/subbed meant. It was back when I still actually watched cartoons. I liked them back then. I didn't know anything about other animes. Realizing from several amvs and otaku culture I really knew nothing about anime. So I expanded my horizon from Naruto, and got into Bleach and Death Note. Then it grew even more from there.

Looking at today I've seen 70+ anime read several manga. My tastes from shows like Naruto (shonen, action/adventure) have totally changed to more like Elfen Lied/Mirai Nikki (Psychological, horror, insanity, etc. lol) I hate cartoons now because back then I had no idea how superior to the old tv anime truely was. Love Japan and the whole culture. Basically all of my television comes from anime. And I'm proud of it!

It is suprising how some companies have a show dubbed but not subbed. You'd think subbed is easier to get because its been out longer and is more complete than dubs. Unless the voice acting is terrible (which it normally is) I can tolerate dubbed but always prefer subbed.

It was fun reading your story about your initiation into anime. It totally reminds me of how I was like as well.

If Bleach never had filler I might still be watching it. No kidding that the bount arc has turned many people away from a decent series like Bleach. It would be better to not air than to put pointless crap up. Kinda like a break for a show. Naruto/Bleach/One Piece, they're pretty overated, they're the shows a lot of beginning anime fans watch. They have lived too long thou and are gradually decaying. Its the sad truth of watching a dying tiger. While we've moved on to different and better tigers. If people are similar to us thou then even if they start with Naruto/Bleach they'll still get into the more awesome anime hopefully.

Ranting is good! I love to rant. ranting is the way to say whatever the hell you want without any deep thinking involved. An ablility to turn a sentence or comment into a paragraph! It is a great joy for this site!I must hear more rants for they are interesting to read!

Anyway, I see what you mean with manga. The main benefits that seem to be with manga is they can go anywhere your com. cannot. Most of the time they are also the original work (which is much better than copies) so you can tell if something's wrong with the anime and get mad at the studio for deviating from the manga. While manga does take more imagination/visualization than anime thou its fun to read and take something by your own pace.

Despite this I still watch anime more so. Probally because I don't enjoy reading on my com. Those generes are better suited for manga I agree. Also manga like Death Note with detective/ psychological stuff manga is better. I got pretty mad seeing a lot of things left out of the anime that was in the manga. but ya know :D

That movie was pretty much my favorite as well. If nothing else for Inuyasha and Kagome's meaningful kiss near the end which preserves Inuyasha's human side. Thou they kiss in the anime as well (I think they do) that one was very meaningful.

You have totally come to the right place to talk about anime. Irl it feels like a lie as I can't really express what I'm interested in. When teachers ask the class what your favorite movie/show is I want to say Spirited Away/Elfen Lied but no one understands those and will think I'm weird so I say a movie/show in place of those that's "normal" It is a shame that this is the only place where I can discuss a good portion of my real identity. Fun to hope and see the day when all Otakus can shout out "OTAKUS UNITE!" That will be on the day when everyone is equal and accepting!

Long? noooo. This is not nearly as long as what I can normally type to people. If your replies get longer it means you have more you want to talk about. So Embrace it! Write as long as you can/want!!!

NeiniAurora3500 Feb 26, 2012

True dat. It should possibly temporarily satisfy your need for an anime similar to Mirai Nikki. I agree with you on the opening thing. DW has a good song but generally I don't like it when anime has openings with english words. Since its mainly made for those in Japan they should satisfy their tastes as their tastes are our tastes :D Like you I frequently listen to various anime openings, as well as the soundtrack. Most of my ipod consists of anime soundtrack lol.

I could be considered an Extremist Otaku. Seeing as I don't like seeing western influence in anime. I prefer subs/fansubs. I don't like dubs. I hate censorship in anime. Censored anime shouldn't exist. I hate filler. Hate it when anime drifts from the manga in story/character development. I get offended when one refers to anime as a cartoon. Anime haters should not exist etc.

Well you get the idea lol. I don't know if other people are as extreme with anime/manga. Its not good but its fun to be extreme sometimes lol.

While all of the inuyasha movies did seem similar I found them great regardless. (old foe or something similar is resurrected and makes a fortress to fight inuyasha. Still fun thou. Everything from Kagaome&Inuyasha's relationship and the fights against Naraku. It was totally worth it to know what Inuyasha is.

Totally! Knowing what it was when I saw a random vid. with EL in it flying limbs/heads. Some people are scared of Elfen Lied for the pools of blood and light nudity. I call it art! Lucy did make the lab and her hometown prettier and cleaner by getting rid of the scum. Same with you it was another "1 day" anime. Simply couldn't stop! Rewatched it at least 3 times. Can't remember its been so long. Never have flying pens and limbs been so epic! Those kid bastards got what was coming. They totally deserved it. Sadly we don't get to see Kakuzawa die in the anime :( he does in the manga. Regardless of his intentions he's still a detestable character like those kid bastards.

Cool. Even irl You wouldn't believe I'm the same person I am here. I talk a lot more on this site knowing I'm safe from the terrible world we're forced into. I'm pretty nervous/shy in person at school. Thou I bring more of my true self out here. As I get to know more people in the Animeverse (lol I come up with interesting names to things it seems) It is clear that no 2 otakus are alike. They can be similar in personality/interests but the anime they've seen could be totally different. It is an honor to identify as an unique otaku on this site.

Oh school -_- why so much stuff. I have 2 projects I need to get done but my Konata syndrome is kicking in and I don't feel like doing any of it. I just want to watch anime for the whole night. And cool you've already got your spring break. Mine is in a few weeks it's so hard to wait for. Just thinking about school makes me feel soo sleepy...... It will make Mirai Nikki worth it. That show makes Mondays into good days which isn't easy to do. If I can I'll start on some hw soon. Thou likely I'm going to start an hour later than what I normally say I'll start. That's Konata Syndrome for ya! :D

NeiniAurora3500 Feb 25, 2012

That's very good to know. So we started around the same time :D Starting out with Inuyasha, is pretty cool way to get into anime. Nowadays I find it impossible to watch any anime over 52 episodes lol. Thou I was able to quickly watch through Inuyasha and it was so worth it! I find it similar to Elfen Lied my current #1 in the fact that has many themes like Fighting, character development, and romance.

One anime that can be considered similar to Mirai Nikki would be Deadman Wonderland, the main character Ganta is similar to Yuki in terms of personality and gets dragged into a "game" of life or death. And Shiro would be similar to Yuno with being crazy, cute/creepy, and having a history with Ganta. Then Senji is also very similar to Minene starting out as an obstacle then he also gets his left eye removed as a penalty of the system they're in. Then becomes an ally with the main character. It is quite frightening how similar they are.

Sadly its kinda censored but so is Mirai Nikki, only bad things about them but they are quite epic otherwise.

There are a few others that could be similar thou thats the most similar I can think of that you haven't seen yet.

You have a point about that. Thou reading a recent vol. of the manga Yuki still looks pretty crazy. Similar to how Minene is in the beginning. Yuno with a Katana is also going to be fun to watch. There will be some epic crazy stuff coming. Soo hard waiting for it thou.

That's so annoying. Seems like they're getting harder and harder each year. Since people really hate spam. Sorry to say I'm not very quick at getting back to replies. I sometimes take a few days to think about them. Or I'm just too addicted to a certain anime/game to talk with anyone. You've got quick replies which is awesome. Thou I never ignore anyone. Long quality replies are good.

NeiniAurora3500 Feb 23, 2012

That is the best we can do. I always look at spoilers sadly as its very hard to watch through something without understanding anything. Its awesome that you have that restraint as you can fully apriciate the show better. There is a strong feeling that the chipmunk symbolizes something about Minene. Not sure what thou but it always seems like in anime there is a subtle symbolism to something big and/or maybe something else minor.

The other Yuno. Hmm.... makes you wonder who Yuki was with the whole time. Say do you like Yuki's extreme personality change? He goes from weak/crybaby, to merciless, manipulating, killer. I find it interesting how his personality/attitude changed from losing both his parents. Some may not like that. Thou for a twisted reason I enjoy seeing these characters in anime lol.

And I'll be sure to check out yours as well. It looks like you've seen about as much anime as I have so that's good to know.

Oh also when did you start watching anime starting with Inuyasha? I'm always curious how other people get into anime. Seeing as my situation is unique with others. You could call me a "late anime bloomer" as I started when I was 13. Sounds from your profile you've been watching anime much longer.