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Hey there, I'm Alishere2, I enjoy watching anime, reading manga and listening to japanese music.

Top 5's/10's are hard but, I'll try.



Death Note

Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Space Brothers





Shokugeki no Soma

Cross Game

One Outs

Although I don't list many in my top 5's, my favourite genre tends to be sports. For some reason I just get hooked on them, even if a lot of them follow the same formula. Of those baseball is my favourite. One day I will probably end up watching and reading every baseball related anime/manga released. There is always too much to watch and never enough time. Lets hope the new releases continue to be good ones!

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NeiniAurora3500 May 17, 2012

As much as a season 2 of Mirai Nikki would be awesome. I wouldn't want another season without more of the manga being released. Seeing as anime that deviates from the manga too far generally gets bad. Plus the original is almost always far better anyway.

That's pretty quick. I forget how long it took me to watch it. I've also rewatched the whole show at least twice as well. Nowadays it takes awhile to finish even simple 12 episode animes. Once school gets out it will mean much more time to watch anime thou! :D And it is weird about the sports. Thou can see why they would be good for a casual watch when you don't have a lot to watch.

Lol even with over 6000 anime out there I'm still having trouble deciding what to watch next so many choices may be the problem. Now I'm going to watch Rozen Maiden and it so happens it will be my 100th anime watched according to my list. Pretty exciting. Including ovas and movies of course but its still a great milestone!

Mysterious GF X looks interesting as well. Funny how a girl's drool can become an addiction/ drug for a guy who likes her lol. Going to wait until its done airing thou since its a pain to wait every week for an ep to come out. Did Mirai Nikki of course but that's a rare exception since that was so good. Plus want to see more of the "retro" "80's"/"90's" anime.

Other than anime of course video games are the next activity. According to your current game choices from your previous reply you enjoy RPGs/ RTS are those your favorite generes? Mines RPGs, Platformers, and Dungeon of almost all types. Dunno if you've heard of this series but I'm pretty addicted to the Shin Megami Tensei series, which is an RPG. Insanely hard yet fun. Then theres Rusty Hearts a MMO I occasionally play. And recently Prototype. Along with other various flash games. What's Dark Cloud 2 like?  

Need to stop wasting time playing games when I have anime to watch. Thou when one thinks about it Video games may be better for you than Anime because they're more productive and force you to do things wheras with Anime you don't do much physical activity. There is thinking about plots and speculating things thou. Feels more productive watching anime for some reason thou. Not sure why. Anyways cya around

NeiniAurora3500 Apr 28, 2012

The ending of Mirai Nikki was sad. How the hell does a god sit around in the same spot for 10000 years. Of course he may've been upset about losing Yuno but you'd think he'd try something with all that time. 10000 years is over 100 times the time Nagato repeated the endless 8 and that is insanely long ~657 years may sound far shorter. Gotta doubt the realism of 10000 years a little. That may be just me thou. Still really enjoyed the series overall.

Cool about that convienant timing of Code Geass. After a month of nonstop anime watching I have taken a break this week. It was hard. With the time I have before the soon to come anime marathons I shall send this reply to you.

Studying and death, that's an acurate comparison. They may as well be synonyms.

Muru Muru  the 1st world Muru Muru mainly! omg Absolutely crazy. Just like Yuno thou who she serves.

Wwhaa whahhaa wait! Di di di did y y you say in Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu that the main character cosplays as Shana!? Like Shana as in Shana from Shakugan no Shana!? Awesome!! Just researched it. It looks like it has some Otaku Culture elements in it. Will totally check it out at some point.

Making this world into an Anime Planet. Yes! It would be easier to find a mate if we lived in a country with other anime loving Otakus similar to us! Thou there are several anime fans at my school there aren't many in general. And the laws. Everyone must at least like anime. If you don't it is automatic deportation. Or death >:) All entertainment channels will consist of anime related matrerial. Doesn't sound bad at all. We either have to win the war for the holy grail or make a contract with Kyubey (wait if you aren't a girl that won't work so nvm). That would create a wish. Thou winning the diary game and becoming god someone could make it happen.

There won't be anymore avatar. It is a great show but it isn't an anime. the movies suck. I actually noticed a problem with Avatar. Several anime streaming sites actually have Avatar in their libraries. I find that to be a problem and quite offensive. It isn't an anime therefore it should not exist on an anime streaming site. if it were an overall tv site it would be fine but on anime-specific sites anything non-anime related should not be involved. Being an extremist otaku-anime fan isn't easy. It may be better not to be as extreme so one doesn't need to rant about that stuff.

I'm glad you were able to get your music recovered. copyright issues can really suck. When theres a good anime opening One should almost always get the full version. Dunno about you but a min. and a half doesn't cut it for easy ipod/itouch/mp3 listening. 4 mins or more per song is totally the way to go.

Video Games are as addictive as anime. So many unfinished games. A lot to do. I shall get back now and await your next reply :)

NeiniAurora3500 Apr 4, 2012

Now for this long overdue reply. Yea school can be so nasty since it takes away anime time. Good luck with your schedule thou. Also you may thank a severe anime addiction I've had for a week or so for my long absence lol.

Hmm not suprising in the least. There are a few good Harem animes out there, as well as not so good ones.

Yup if you love comedy then watch Lucky Star! I can almost certainly say you will not regret it. According to your list you've already seen Baka to Test. Gotta say its very funny and it would be the prefect motivator for people like us to study in school lol. Even in anime school is always 1000 times better than irl lol.

YES YES YES!!! 9th lives She is the best character (aside from Yuno) Its a shame the world we know is the 2nd. And the Yuno of that world is dead. Can't wait to see how the series concludes! 

Also interesting about the Dutch anime fans you meet. Its so much fun meeting anime fans from Europe. They can tell you what its like in Europe as well as share their perspective on anime. I've got 2 German cyberfriends that I talk with almost regularly about anime. As well as one from the UK on this site. Too bad we are seperated by boarders. If all the anime fans of the world gathered onto one country that wouldn't be too bad lol.

Remake? What? Oh yea, heard they were making another series. But even if its good I'm likely not going to watch it as I'm too busy trying to watch all the anime I want to watch (which is over 150 likely. Also Avatar isn't a real anime. And I only have time for real anime. The movie industry best stay away from Avatar (NO I don't mean James Cameron's Avatar!) I mean Avatar, Avatar the last airbender. If they don't want to taint the serie's good name more than it has.

Shana! Agree with that. Couldn't get enough of Shana's kawaiiness. especially the way she eats Melonpan!!!!!! Also Bel Peol is awesome mainly because she has 3 eyes (or 2 if her right eye is removed like Minene's) They are just awesome characters. Not a single character I dislike from Shana. Went up to season 2. but I'm kinda tired of it now and theres other animes I must watch.

Oh yea the days where we still watched dubbed anime. That brings me back. Don't worry, all of us likely make that mistake when we 1st get into anime. Naruto on CN even thou I realize his dubbed voice is terrible now I was ok with it then. When I went on from Shippuden on a website I realize what a fool I was for not knowing enough about anime. Also saw Code Geass dubbed and that's probally the only dub to this day that I actually prefered the dub over the sub. Aside from that everything else is subbed thou its much better that way.

It may be unthinkable now. Thou it could still happen somehow 100~200 years in the future when world culture dramatically changes and new norms are accepted lol. Possibly won't be alive to see that day thou. It likely just comes from a wish that I want boys and girls to be treated the same. Not deciding one gender must have this or that. It would be fun to see hot wheels and barbies go bye bye. that would help destroy that line that sepreates the 2 genders.

Haruhi is a must watch! It is highly recommended that you drop everything else you're watching for now and just watch Haruhi and Lucky Star. they are ideal shows for the basic anime fan/otaku. Lucky Star also refernces Haruhi several times and you might not get the refernces if you haven't seen Haruhi. It also appears the Lucky Star refrences Miku Hatsune!!!!!

Yea hopefully you were able to recover the music you needed. I know the feeling of wondering what happened to that video and realizing noo its gone. Also with openings of anime getting the full version is better mostly as its longer. And it doesn't do justice to my ipod having to repeat a minute and a half song. Long is better mostly lol

Why can't we see the day when suddenly Miku hops up on the stage and sings out "Sekai de Ichiban Ohime-Sama" like that live concert at one point XD the world will be like "omg anime characters have come to life" "Our new world has begun" lol Its going to happen. Why wouldn't it?

One more thing! LOVE your new Chibi Minene Icon. Anything Minene is auto awesome You always must laugh along with her when she commits her terrorist acts lol. Also an emotionally strong character (unlike some red underwear/caped, blue person with a big S on his chest lol weak character).

No no *sobs* its ok bro. *cries uncontrollibly* We can't look bad under Minene-Sama. wahhhhh its going to be ok. I just *sniffs* have to wash my eyes out.

Hopefully school hasn't killed ya too hard by the time I'm able to send this reply. Until then cya next time :)

NeiniAurora3500 Mar 20, 2012


Midterms ugh... No problems, Shamefully while Anime has been a focus for a week I've only managed to get almost 2 13 ep series done. It seems that if one desires to watch anime enough they will watch it no matter what. No matter what hw/ plans/ work comes their way. That could describe the animes where you can't stop watching once you start and the ones you see a few episodes each week.. School= sanity stealer. May've mentioned that before, but I is so mentally tired that I can't remember anything.

Yup DW was not bad but could've gone further into the manga. and less censorship. While there isn't any censorship in the dvds it still costs money to buy them. (or free to torrent them thou its a tad risker) There should be a 2nd season like you said at some point thou.

Oh Lucky Star yes. Not sure if it suits your taste but it pretty much has no plot however! Hearing Konata talk and do her thing makes it all worth it. its 24 episodes. You must watch at least 3 episodes. If you're addicted after that you will have succeded. If you don't then its fine as well. Guess you also have to be in the mood for some comedy. So don't watch it if you're not in a good mood lol.

Yuno this time! Her insanity has hit awesomeness. And Yuki just kills all his friends refusing to accept the truth. Kinda sad but an intense awesome episode. If Dead End is English I'd be suprised. Either way the show is getting very intense and its hard to wait for what's going to happen.

Ouch it would be tough if everything you did was hw. Thou watching anime wouldn't be considered bad hw I guess. Same with writing replies. If it were hw I would probally get these faster so I don't get that punishment ahhh lol. Don't worry Sensei! I'll get it done. Please let me watch more anime!!!!

Without sites like these Dunno what I'd do. With people from other countries to talk with as well things get much more interesting. A lot of anime fans also come from England and Germany it seems. Along with talking about anime and video games one can learn what those other countries are like from people in similar shoes to yourself and learn more about the world outside of your country.

Omg yes that movie.. Sadly it was dissapointing as was expected. they changed a lot of things that didn't fit with the original show :( I heard they were making a new season to the original show thou kinda grew out of watching those shows also seeing that there is soo much anime I want to watch.

Normally quick animes are the way to go it seems. For some reason I feel like watching a longer series that goes deep and that you can get into. and I come across Shakugan no Shana. Around 72 episodes I hope for it to be very good. I won't be able to watch anything else while watching it thou.

Who needs genders lol? It doesn't affect who you are as a person. Just a way of dividing people more. That gets one thinking why boys & girls still must use seperate bathrooms in this age. Still reminds me of the segregation in America during the 1940's/50's between black/white people. We can truely be one species until we acknowledge that we are.

Good point to that, when considering getting one you'll have to consider if its a character you'll want engraved on you forever. That can be a very complicated decision. I'm likely going with Haruhi Suzumiya seeing that she is a good anime icon and one that I won't be disinterested in for awhile. One anime character, it is harder than I thought. Wahh lol.

Anti-Heros are better heros it appears. Easier to relate to. Much better qualities than lame american characters like superman or batman. Even their names are terrible. 

Not bad yourself, good to see you get a good amount of songs on your ipod. Anime music is the way to listen to music. Even better than those "mainstream" songs. If you like something then you shall get it.

Saw your comment about your playlist's songs getting removed I know how that feels. It really sucks. All one can do is find different videos of the same songs. Learned that the hard way. Its good to have the same song in different videos. so It won't be totally removed.

It would be good to get some vocaloid recs. Haven't heard many songs. thou the songs I've heard are very good. Speaking of Miku-chan there was a poll somewhere asking who you would like to see perform in the 2012 olympics. And Miku-chan was at the top. Thou it was fake It would be awesome to see Miku-chan perform this year at the same time exposing more people to vocaloid as well as the anime world :D

Unless there is anything I'm forgeting I shall now type the caption in and click submit. Until then I look forward to your next reply as well.

NeiniAurora3500 Mar 13, 2012

Hooray! Ugly midterms, doesn't make a lot of time to watch anime. I don't know how you can spend that much time in there. Doesn't sound like the labs get any easier at college :O The thing with anime is that Izumi Konata will mess with your subconscious and make you watch anime no matter what. I have called this the Konata syndrome. It appears to affect a lot of Otakus like me. We just have to watch anime and forget about everything else. Maybe that explains how you can get 11 episodes in. Doing that for a whole month impressive! You're pretty strong being able to do that much for so long.

We will get it this week for sure! WE must. How else can monday be good?

Oh Gomen for being soo late. I got really caught up in my schedule and anime, couldn't talk to many people then lol.

I shouldn't care so much about it thou. Streaming from the internet is always better. Nowadays anything but anime on tv is total bs***. It is nearly impossible to watch anything except anime and anime related movies. All we can do is support anime by buying uncut box sets and manga it seems. Watching censored versions of great shows wouldn't be considering supporting the culture in my opinion.

Omgd!!! yes! all the cartoons now take toilet humor and stupidity to the extreme. They are abominations that will forever curse the minds of the youth unless they get proper exposure to anime. I will admit I used to like cartoons when I was very young. However since getting into the world of anime I've transitioned to disliking almost every cartoon out there. Even the ones I used to like I question why I liked them. They look stupid now. Even when I was watching them however I was wondering about the gags and jokes of the shows and was wondering "is this really funny?" "They seem very cruel to these characters for no reason" "Am I supposed to laugh?" "Should I be laughing at this?" Those where some of the thoughts I felt when I was watching those cartoons. Now I understand why. And I'm glad I do.

Like you said thou there are a few I mean few exceptions to that, like scooby doo. I'll also say Avatar: The Last Airbender. You could call it a "good cartoon" or even a "psedo-anime" It was a great show. I remember loving it over all the other shows when I still watched american cartoons.

Very good! It doesn't even seem to matter if its shounen/shoujo/ seinen/ josei. If its good then we'll watch it. A lot of girls are into shounens which are "intended for boys" but it doesn't stop us from watching/reading shoujo "intended for girls" Also My Little Pony FIM has a huge male fanbase. It proves that gender doesn't matter at all. Gender should only determine whether someone has a ***** or ******. That's it but can't influence character or personality of anyone. Part of the reason I normally don't reveal my gender online. I prefer to be a genderless entity. It is harder to judge someone without a gender. Depending on the mood one might want to watch a comedy or romance. Or at the same time watching a psycho, merciless, demon/vampire/ killer anime. Or something along the middle works as well.

Believe it or not when I go to get a tattoo. Without a doubt I'm going to have an anime character engraved into my skin! Not sure if it should be Haruhi/Konata/ or even Miku Hatsune. That will totally prove my lifelong dedication to this wonderful hobby. But yea. Having a secret life is not only fun but it gives a thrill of having a secret and different way than most people. Would be easier if it was accepted by the general public thou. We will live like this somehow however.

Not too uncommon. Mostly its good to know what to expect even if it results in spoilers. Depending on the watched/dropped ratio it shouldn't be too bad. At least for the people on this site. it would be weird if someone came to an anime site if they didn't love anime...

True dat. Both were incredible. Cool to see you don't hate Light. I can see where some people would disagree with his methods but he isn't "evil" Both L and Light were doing what they believed was right. It is great to see a protagonist act as a "villain" Wish more movies were like that as well. It seems to be about the hero fighting the dragon and saving the girl. Yet nothing as complex as Death Note/ Higurashi and many other animes have been done in non-Japanese movies.

So you can play the piano! That's awesome. You get to play the soundtracks you love! Good choices for top soundtracks. so much fun discovering even more soundtracks out there. the Ipod keeps growing. Now There's almost 900 songs lol. 90% being anime ost/openings. 9% video game music, 1% other lol. Weird that Clannad and Angel Beats are compared. The only similarity is that they were created by the same people. I hear Kanon is like Clannad so it will be something to check out. Hopefully the "big chins" won't be too apparent. Should be good thou. Very great things about it.

Can't get enough of Miku-chan. Who would be your fav. vocaloid btw? There's probally a whole world of vocaloid I'm not aware of. Kinda like an anime-sub universe. I felt similar to you when I saw that live miku video with "World is Mine" "Wow Anime characters can become alive! Sugoi"

Good. I spent possibly 2 hours on this. Had your reply saved in Word but couldn't get to it until today. When I talk with one of my other friends on here we both write hyper replies to each other that need to be saved and thought of throughout a week. This is fine thou. Its so much fun writing replies like this. If only English could make us write this much lol. I will make my replies much bigger XD Best be prepared for it!