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Hey there, I'm Alishere2, I enjoy watching anime, reading manga and listening to japanese music.

Top 5's/10's are hard but, I'll try.



Death Note

Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Space Brothers





Shokugeki no Soma

Cross Game

One Outs

Although I don't list many in my top 5's, my favourite genre tends to be sports. For some reason I just get hooked on them, even if a lot of them follow the same formula. Of those baseball is my favourite. One day I will probably end up watching and reading every baseball related anime/manga released. There is always too much to watch and never enough time. Lets hope the new releases continue to be good ones!

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NeiniAurora3500 Sep 22, 2012

Hello again. How is it going?

I like how your profile is coming along. Got some cool pictures there as well. Lol it is almost impossible to rewatch anything especially with so much anime to watch already.

Yea my profile was kinda a steady evolution. Its interesting that it inspired yours.

With groups like Kalafina it is a shame to not hear them in more anime. Even though I can think of several anime with masterpiece level soundtrack there must be more thou its possible I haven't found it yet. A great soundtrack makes the anime very great. The proof can be seen in my top 5. I have all the soundtracks to the said anime for the most part.

Adventure/Fantasy is certainly better than FPS like games. (with an exception of Metroid Prime which is First Person adventure more so) There's something about them that makes them addicting. Thou this week I finally decided to take a break from gaming to simply relax and watch anime. Probally much wiser to be feeling good getting into a story rather then getting mad at losing at the final boss level in this one game again lol.

Yea. Its almost good that anime for the most part is "hidden" from the general mainstream audience. It allows the true fans to appreciate it more. Thou it is scary the thought of something like SOPA coming into affect. I can't imagine how horrible the internet would be then. It is pretty much my favorite place to be and if it was changed then I'd get pretty mad. Possibly it may be best to simply watch as much anime as possible. It would be better to live in Japan thou since we wouldn't have to wait as long for the good releases to come out.

It is interesting how even though its a 100 episode anime I continued this anime (D. Gray Man) from episode 50 which I previously had stalled. But now I'm blazing through it. Its a very good one. Same composer as Inuyasha makes the soundtrack in the show. You may enjoy it too. The similarities in Wada's style show very bright. 

Inuyasha thou it is a 100+ anime that still remains epic after all this time. Even though there are plenty of human vs. demon shows around. Nothing is really like Inuyasha. Maybe its that it has a great class of interesting and unique characters and the relationships they hold that make it so compelling. I feel bad having it at spot 4 in my top 5 (while you have it at 1) but the anime above it are simply too amazing to have lower.

I apoligize that my time to reply appears to be getting longer. Haven't checked this site as much as I used to since I've been straight up gaming the past few weeks. Gaming the way I see it is entertaining but it also serves to challenge the gamer. While Anime is meant to be more relaxing as you aren't challenged as much (Unless its a deep psychological show like Lain) I dunno. I know I need to relax thou.  

NeiniAurora3500 Aug 12, 2012

Summer almost done. its unbelievable yes.

Pandora Hearts I'm finding to be very interesting it has a good cast of interesting characters. Seeing as Yuki Kaijura-Sama's work in the soundtrack is in this anime its another reason I decided to watch it. The anime ends before the manga thou which I hear is better. Someday I hope to check it out. After around episode 2/3 it gets very interesting and can't really stop watching it. I would recommend it thou its good on the scale of Code Geass.

True its rare that I do that. Normally I almost always see the anime series 1st before watching its movies (if its avalible) I know that feeling now. It is very hard (On a scale of waiting for Mirai Nikki episode) There are several movies I really want to see but not all of their movies have been released yet (mardock scramble, Berserk, Mahou Shoujo Madoka) For Mardock Scramble it was almost a year after the movie was released in theaters :( 

 It is amazing that they can do that with games. Thou like you said its a double Edged sword. Lately I've been very umimpressed with mainstream games like cod, Halo. Its been more interesting getting into a few 3rd party series/ Douijn style games. I would prefer spending a whole day on Touhou getting killed each time in the game instead of doing a game like cod which only takes a few hours to beat the campaign. It can't be consistant sadly with companies releasing good and bad games. (I'm looking at you Nintendo lol Microsoft as well thou.) 

Just have to say wow! You are truly amazing to be able to handle 15 different ongoing animes. I don't know how anyone could do that. 15 finished series sure, maybe I could do that. but all ongoing wow. I would completely lose it beyond crazy waiting for all those animes to release episodes. You should get a badge for doing that! It takes psychological strength that isn't easy to get.

I've heard about Sword Art Online. Another friend of mine is also watching it and it sounds very interesting. Thou its tough to watch ongoing anime. But its been awhile since I've seen anything ongoing so may as well catch up on it so we can discuss it more.

Otherwise staying inside with anime has helped me endure summer. Fall come here soon for those colder tempertures we need to survive! It appears in this month I'm going to make up for a month of barely watching any anime (just like I did last year with my craze lol) That is fine thou. Can't imagine what the anime schedule will be like this fall. It will be interesting. 

That's all I got for now. I'll cya later :) 

NeiniAurora3500 Jul 20, 2012

Hello. It has been awhile. How have you been?

I get what you mean by that (when summertime comes around you watch even less anime than when you were really busy) It is very unsettling as I've missed out on a lot of time to find/ watch some great anime. Anyways I'll go off of your most recent reply. I apoligize for the long reply also (Summer has made this one lazy kinda)

The Mobile Gundam Movie, Wasn't sure what to think of it. It was interesting with the metal aliens. Didn't know the characters well from not seeing the main series thou. It may've been expected that you have knowledge of them prior to the movie. Would've been better most likely if I knew the characters better. With long animes its very hard to watch them (Even 13 ep animes are tough to watch sometimes lol) 

For the time being Looks like Shin Megami Tensei, the Tales series, and Touhou will have to furfill the thirst for "Awesome Game with an Awesome Story" Very few other games have been as epic as these. The weird thing being I only got into them this year. Could be similar to moving from Naruto to more anime type of thing.

It is interesting how we list shows as "watching" Of course it means we're in the process of watching them but for me it seems I'm really only watching 1 show at a time. Somehow there are people who can watch 3 shows at once and I find that interesting.

I got the urge to continue watching now. I shall end this reply here and wait until next time. 

NeiniAurora3500 Jun 9, 2012

Oh yes those moments happen 24/7 Trying to decide what to watch (or even rewatch if you really want to) Question is do you want a long ~50+ episode series you can really get into. Or just a few short 13~26 ep series? If its the 50+ eps I'd recommend shows like Shakugan no Shana, Toaru Majutsu no Index (the main series I'm watching now), Jigoku Shoujo, and even Sailor Moon (1st season only, series as a whole is like ~200+ ep which is insane on a One Piece scale) if you haven't seen those yet.

I am happy to share this news with you, I have graduated high school so soon I'll be a college student like you! Its been pretty big and its fun yet scary. Anyways now I'm where you are struggling how to manage the time. 3 eps a day is not a good rate I have to do better lol. Guess you can't force yourself to watch more if you don't feel like it thou. Need to find that urge where I can't stop watching a series. Once you get that its easy to finish no matter what or how many episodes there are left. Which may be the solution to your problem if you still have it by the time you read this. (seeing as its been about a week or something) (problem is it only comes at random points and sometimes only midway or 3/4s through a show.) 

Congrats on you reaching the 100 milestone as well! We shall celebrate again when we hit around 500 we'll be looking back and saying "wow I remember the time when I thought 100 was a lot of anime" lol dunno if that will happen but fun to think about.

No kidding about the appeal of anime characters. Its like their eyes and facial expessions stick to where you see them all the time. Should I be reincarnated I should hope to be in an animeverse in the form of an anime girl character lol Anime characters alone make everything about the show 1000x more epic.

Sadly no one I know of has ever heard of Shin Megami Tensei until I tell them about it (even I just learned about it 5 months ago) Its probally the greatest underrated game of all time. From Rusty Hearts I want to play more games like it with anime-like elements but if I have to download it its bad since my coms so low on storage. but yea Even if the story is considered "weak" Its still a fairly good one. If not for the funny quotes by Angela, Tude, and Nadia. They've said some very funny things. Oh the music its so good like you said. I'm not typically a fan of the electric guitar (since it sounds too "scratchy" to me) but this game alone proves if its played right it becomes a masterpiece. There have also been a few vocaloid songs i've been addicted to.

More games with dungeons would be nice. It seems I'm really getting into the thrill of exploring a vast multitiered area filled with obstacles and enemies to eventually face the powerful boss at the end. so many good games out there but not enough money for them all.  

Yea that could be the thing about anime that makes it feel more productive. Typically theres a goal and an end in anime (along with a normally epic storyline) While a lot of games don't really focus on a story (which sadly takes a lot away from its potential) If you think about it having the story in place that motivates you to explore an area or challenge a semingly impossible boss really helps rather than having no emotions when you're forced to just "play it".

That's all I got for now. I'll be watching more anime for awhile while I await your next reply