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The end it's warm cost muscle and Ultimate Flush Colon Cleanse pretty much kept him out at the end of the season which is pretty disappointing am but he is still a key play from sounds pretty a pretty interesting hey we have pure determination of course I still a villa at a relief ha-ha really average fast Shari came in as key player for them is now a fast inquire 25 appearances and Anya 6.91 average rating: I why did villa finish this year I finished right down there in six so Lopez a drop for them I have pretty interesting stuff that I have not a lot to tell you about ready hasn’t played a law he house had even more injuries though I think he asks yeah has he said if I street one torn hamstring the shares last pretty-pretty big missus for him I suppose I'm and weakens the chosen one who is now a key place to Manchester United he's on a hunch and fifty thousand pound a week 75 caps now for England really impressive stuff that and looking is history and face for parents is an 10 goals last season his best season inters of average rating as well as his entire career and really established in South I was among the youth player and looking at his achievements as he got any achievements to ready scream and shout about not really here he was her English Premier League.

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