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more or less i am a compleat loser, and i realised this. there is a lot of anime that i have watched and when i filled all this out everything was off the top of my head, after 6-7 years of constantly watching anime i tend to forget many of the ones that i wasnt as excited about

i also cant exactly make a top 5 list because there are so amy great ones that many tie for the top spot. but if i had to say something like the ones i watched the most, it would probably be either tenchi muyo, tenchi gxp, or 12 kingdoms, i believe one of those to be it.

o and here just in case, eqalidan(at)gmail(dot)com .... far beter than just coppy pasteing it, also if you do contact me, put the website in the subject, makes it far easier to figure out if its junk mail or not

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