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To summarize, there is nothing much to say. I thoroughly enjoy spending most of my time on my computer while programming and doing other geeky doohickeys and watching good romance, slice of life and drama anime. I don't watch really much tho. For those who are not yet bored, there is a wall of text to read below.

First of all, a little bit about my ratings. Many people tell me that I severely overrate anime. That might be true, as majority of my watched anime are rated for 5 or 4,5 stars. I tend to rate anime minutes after watching the last episode and I know that I should wait for my emotions to get all settled down and stuff, but whenever I try to rethink and rate the anime again, it still seems to be really awesome and totally worth 5 stars. It just happens that most of the anime I watch somehow (most probably due to my nolifer anti-social nature) manage to affect me emotionally very, sometimes extremely, intensively. So, taking these shenanigans into account, my ratings are at the very least not accurate.

I live in a small European country by the name of Lithuania. I'm anything but a patriot. I try to use as much English in my life as one possibly can, tho I'm not at all good at it, so please help me by pointing out errors that I make. I'm a natural nolifer who spends most of my time doing stuff on my computer. That is also what I do at work. Programming is the second favorite thing of mine after anime. It fascinates me. I can sit and write lines of code for hours straight. Happens pretty much the same with anime by the way. Just that with anime I can go as far as 24 episodes per day (Clannad AS).

To mention hobbies, I guess Japan is my hobby? I tend to enjoy cooking and consuming Japanese meals (tho that is often hard since I'm a sworn vegetarian), self-educating myself about Japanese culture and language. Pretty common hobby around here maybe?

What else to say? I enjoy communicating with other living entities of my race, though only entities I communicate with on a daily basis are my colleagues and my family.

It would be nice if anyone actually reads this :D 

If you find yourself to be crazy enough to be able to exchange information with me, feel free to invite me on skype @ algiss2220. I'll always look forward for a chat.



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