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It's been a few years since I watched any anime. Yes people, there can be a time in your life when you stop being a fan.

My great period as an anime fan was from age 14 to 19. Before that I'd only watched some shows on TV, but the hobbie hadn't really set off.

Although it was a fun ride, I have to admit that I spent too much time on it and should have paid more attention to real life. I hope you learn from my experience.

Nowadays I have other interests and real life has been very very busy. But I look back fondly at some of my favourite anime shows.

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Pingolito Jul 25, 2007

Wow that was so fast thank you!!! hahaha...

i will someday learn japanese so i will be able to understand any dvd hahaha... i had a class once for a summer course and well it was really basic... i have the notes but learned very little... though i can identify certain words while watching anime it would be wonderful to understand everythang haha...  well thank you again... i think i was looking for one subed at least in english though i loved the dubbed mexican version, i still cant believe that show was on air and dubbed but i thank i got to know it.... hahaha... really funny... one of my favorites i think i forgot to add it haha... well maybe later.... ;D

Pingolito Jul 24, 2007

thanks for the message.... and the wellcome here.... still finding out how this thing works.... i liked this site for the recomendations and the interface... really cool, btw just a question i would like to know if there exist a Ghost Sweeper Mikami dvd collection.... always wonder about that... i loved that show haha.... and i only own the movie but never heard about the tv series dvd... i own some that i recorded from the tv long ago and i would like to know if these dvds exist... just to prepare myself to buy them someday haha.... :P

perfectlykawaii Jul 24, 2007

I've seen Air TV ^-^ I think it's pretty impressive. Although it's a confusing anime, its a good one at heart. I've noticed the other anime shows you've mentioned are all created by Yuu Watase. Do you really like her works? I think I'm a  bit too young to watch her stuff yet >.< Anyway, thanks for the welcome; I was starting to feel as if my recommendations made no different to this remarkably big site.

DigitalShinigami Jul 23, 2007

Thanks for the comment, I wouldn't wanna know anyone who isn't a Death Note fan..... Assuming there is such a thing as someone who doesn't like Death Note =P

If only boycotting Microsoft was that easy though, i've tried Linux and its far from the Windows replacement its made out to be =(

At least Vistas' been a huge flop, that pleases me no-end ^_^

Sheex Jul 22, 2007

Thanks for the feedback on my reviews.  Glad to know you enjoy them. =)