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It's been a few years since I watched any anime. Yes people, there can be a time in your life when you stop being a fan.

My great period as an anime fan was from age 14 to 19. Before that I'd only watched some shows on TV, but the hobbie hadn't really set off.

Although it was a fun ride, I have to admit that I spent too much time on it and should have paid more attention to real life. I hope you learn from my experience.

Nowadays I have other interests and real life has been very very busy. But I look back fondly at some of my favourite anime shows.

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littlekitty Jan 27, 2008

Yeah, I can understand about the H&C thing.  If the romance doesn't make sense, it's not as enjoyable.

 Also, thanks for the recommendations!  I'll be sure to check out the H&C live action drama as well as Kagen no Tsuki.

Is there anything you're looking forward to watching in the spring season?  

littlekitty Jan 27, 2008


I agree- looking through your anime list, we have definitely watched and enjoyed a lot of the same shows.

The Full Moon anime was so cute and again, the ending was one I will never forget.  I'm actually reading the Full Moon manga right is so amazing!   Definitely one of my favorites.  Have you read the manga?

Out of curiosity, why is Honey and Clover on your "won't watch" list?  I haven't seen it yet, but I've read nothing but raving reviews about it. 

Nomadichu Jan 25, 2008

oooh I'll have to look that up, i must say my tastes in anime basically vary to so many different things, i absolutely loved the girl who walked through time, i love animes like that, but i must admit i do love any kind of anime with a dash of romance in it even if its tiny, i like a bit of everything put together. I have to make some of my own, I just couldnt be bothered playing with photoshop lately... been lazy lol! I'll have to go check out the others you made :Dooh i just went and looked at the anime you've watched and you have a lot that i have either watched or that i want to watch lol. I saw a preview for princess Mononoke the day after i was going too buy it at the shopping centre and i was bummed it looks so good. it seems that you like it also lol. and nightwalker does look good, its been put on my big list of my to watch anime lol.

Nomadichu Jan 25, 2008

I saw your signature in the forums, I absolutely love the girl who leapt through time! it was such a beautiful anime, but the ending was so sad.well just thought i would drop by!-Kate

mariprosa Jan 19, 2008

Wah, thanks for the comment on my profile!  And that's not all true-you and I actually do have quite a few series in common for favorites. I noticed you also liked Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Paradise Kiss, and Full Metal Alchemist as much as I do!  Your top five is very cool.