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I'm Alex of course, been around the internet for around close to 9 years now, I started watching Anime when I was 5 and haven't quit since, After I was about 16 I stopped watching Canadian Television all together, and filled my needs with Anime 24/7, If I find a good season I'll stay up a whole weekend just to get into the 100's of episodes it has or watch the whole thing, I've watched Elfen Lied and Chobits in one sitting before, and before I got into Bleach I watched episode 1 - 110 in one sitting, so I think an Otaku is a bit of an understandment, in my case.

One of my other hobbies is to know everything and anything about Windows and Linux, I'm pretty elite at Web design, in both HTML and PHP, though I'm not very good with PHP and mysql together, though I can modify any code you put infront of me, I can repair Windows PC's with ease and build computers, except mac's eww =o I'd rather have linux to be honest, Much more easier, though I really haven't tried mac so ignore my opinion.

I can do image's(Pretty basic though.) Video's, You've probably seen some of my amv's on Youtube before, if not maybe you should?

Server hosting, programming, Web design, PC repair, I can do it all.

So among being an Otaku, I'm a nerd too, I'm pretty smart too. :P

If you're wondering what the 龍 in my signature is.(If you don't have Eastern characters installed you probably see a square box 龍) I'm refering to the kanji in my signature.

It means Dragon, I put it there to reference my Chinese Horoscope, I'm a Dragon =D

One of the greater things about me you might like is I've worked for subtitling groups.

Such as DB, ray=out, Suteki and Anime-Destiny, I can QC, Edit, Typeset, Time, Karaoke Time and do Karaoke Effects

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xXYoruichiXx Feb 18, 2008

Hey! I saw you on the new users list and just thought I'd drop by and say welcome to Anime-Planet! ^_^

Great signature, btw! :)