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I'm Alex of course, been around the internet for around close to 9 years now, I started watching Anime when I was 5 and haven't quit since, After I was about 16 I stopped watching Canadian Television all together, and filled my needs with Anime 24/7, If I find a good season I'll stay up a whole weekend just to get into the 100's of episodes it has or watch the whole thing, I've watched Elfen Lied and Chobits in one sitting before, and before I got into Bleach I watched episode 1 - 110 in one sitting, so I think an Otaku is a bit of an understandment, in my case.

One of my other hobbies is to know everything and anything about Windows and Linux, I'm pretty elite at Web design, in both HTML and PHP, though I'm not very good with PHP and mysql together, though I can modify any code you put infront of me, I can repair Windows PC's with ease and build computers, except mac's eww =o I'd rather have linux to be honest, Much more easier, though I really haven't tried mac so ignore my opinion.

I can do image's(Pretty basic though.) Video's, You've probably seen some of my amv's on Youtube before, if not maybe you should?

Server hosting, programming, Web design, PC repair, I can do it all.

So among being an Otaku, I'm a nerd too, I'm pretty smart too. :P

If you're wondering what the 龍 in my signature is.(If you don't have Eastern characters installed you probably see a square box 龍) I'm refering to the kanji in my signature.

It means Dragon, I put it there to reference my Chinese Horoscope, I'm a Dragon =D

One of the greater things about me you might like is I've worked for subtitling groups.

Such as DB, ray=out, Suteki and Anime-Destiny, I can QC, Edit, Typeset, Time, Karaoke Time and do Karaoke Effects

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xXYoruichiXx Feb 23, 2008

I'm left handed too and I use my right hand for the mouse too. :) But I don't put the mouse off to the side I move it in front of me for some reason. Seems more comfortable there (even if no one else I know thinks so). I was ambidextrous as a child, but now I just write with my left and do everything else with either hand.

I downloaded the OP you did. I know nothing about timing or encoding or any of that stuff, but I think it was very well done. I haven't seen that anime though, and I after watching the OP I kind want to. My want to watch list is getting way too long.

And yup there is a limit on how many characters, but I have no clue what the limit is. I found out the same way you did when I was talking to another friend and realized like two paragraphs were cut off. So, now I copy the comment before I add it and then what gets cut off I put in a second message. (Like I did here :P)

xXYoruichiXx Feb 23, 2008

I use GIMP mostly for making custom signature backgrounds from screenshots that I take. I don't really do much with a lot of brushs and C4Ds like a lot of people do. I've made a few. I wouldn't say what I do is very good. I've tried wallpapers and I really suck. :P

Yup just about anything creative goes in creative corner. :) And I just became a mod in that section recently. I was being encouraging to um encourage. :P That's makes a ton of sense. I like to look at other people's work, especially if it's good. ^_^

That's very cool you're good with a PC. I know enough on how to set things up and fix certain things for the most part, but I'm definitely far from being an expert.

xXYoruichiXx Feb 23, 2008

I use GIMP too. I had a problem at one time where GIMP kept freezing and I'd lose everything that I was working on. Thank God it doesn't do that now. And yeah you're right. When stuff like that happens I would always go back and try again and make it better (if I remembered what I was doing o_O).

And yeah it seems like we're well on our way to mile long conversations with these long replies. I tend to write long replies for some reason.. maybe I'm just a rambler. :P

As far as AMVs (you make those too? very cool) Most people just create their own thread in Creative Corner and post their amvs there. ^_^ Oh and just a note if want to post on the forum, you'll have to register there too. The registration for the site and the forum isn't the same.

No I haven't watched a lot yet (but I'm working on it), so I'm not really sure what I can recommend to you because it seems everything I've watched, you've already seen. Hmmmm...maybe Black Cat. I'm watching it now and enjoying it so far. The only other two that I can think of that I've seen but you haven't are Innocent Venus (lots of action but has some drama and a little comedy) and My-Hime (a mixture of action, drama, & comedy) Those are two of my favorites. I think they're all shonen, but I could be wrong. :)

That was a really long reply, huh? :P

xXYoruichiXx Feb 22, 2008

You're welcome. I'm very glad to have sucked you in here (even if it wasn't my intention..but it can't be a bad thing can it? XD) I look forward to seeing more of your image creations (if you get the time, of course). There's a creative corner section in the forum if you want to post and get feedback. The people are generally nice there.

I know what you mean about the anime names. Sometimes it seems like one anime can have 5 different variations on the name and I never know which one to look it up by. When I started my list I ended up just browsing through every letter and check out the ones that sounded familiar. Sometimes I have a hard time too remembering some of the names especially if it's the Japanese name and it's super long.

If there are some anime that you've seen (and remember the title to ^_^) you can always add them yourself. More info on that is here 

Well, I better go. I'm about to get off work now. :) See ya.

xXYoruichiXx Feb 19, 2008

Yup, we're a pretty friendly bunch here. :)  

That's very cool that you do image creations. ^_^

If you are interested there is a whole section on the forum dealing with the custom signatures (some people make them for fun and post them there). There is also a weekly signature contest. This week's theme is sports. I just wanted to let you know in case you might be interested in entering.