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September 9, 2008

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June 10, 2013

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default avatar dinolindo


Jun 27, 2009

hey, i hit the 2 month mark. woah whoo!

default avatar dinolindo


Jun 27, 2009

hey alex, i just found out how to know exactly how much time you spent, that time line on the top tells you everything, months, weeks, days, hours, mins. the numbers that is says there is your time on anime, it is all backwards but that´s how it works.

default avatar dinolindo


Jun 25, 2009

hey alex,

i had left a message before but i guess that it didnt go threw, it was a big one telling about how i havent been able to see much here in brasil and also i found out while typing to you that i heard lu is pregnant and if you could give her my email so she could email me and tell her congrats. but from the last time i have watched a couple of anime and im starting to get further away from you, just wait until i get back home, im going to go crazy watching anime, hehehe.


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