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Arweny avatar Arweny


Apr 16, 2010


It seems you already watched "Mama is a 4th Grader"! Could you tell me where can I get it?

Thanks!sorry for the late response but i have only watched the fist 5 episodesi couldn't find more.i watched the fist 5 on youtube.greetz Arwen 

Roverkid avatar Roverkid


Mar 1, 2010

Oh sorry, I watched that long ago on TV.  Wasn't really that interesting, but the girl was cute.

If I find any links to it, I'll send it right away.

GnomeAlchemist avatar GnomeAlchemist


Feb 7, 2010


this is another site that has more eps from dat series. hope it helps.

GnomeAlchemist avatar GnomeAlchemist


Feb 7, 2010

Well www.anime-eden.com has a few episodes and you might find the rest on the forums of the same website. Also i watched it a long time ago as a 14 year old lol so no wrong ideas bout me watchin dat kinda stuff i hope lol.

TheCubedOne avatar TheCubedOne


Feb 6, 2010


I don't know if anyone is seeding this tracker, but here is the link, just in case.

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