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Hi! I love Japanese. This brought me to music, voice actors, and eventually animation. Right now I'm trying to build a vocabulary.

Besides collecting discs and figures I enjoy science fiction novels and pen & paper roleplaying.

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KiraRin says...

Sorry sir, didn't mean to tarnish your reputation ;P



Mar 31, 2009
KiraRin says...

You don't feel a little uncomfortable unzipping your pants for your ultimate move?


(This comment will be most amusing for people who have *not* seen the show :P )



Mar 31, 2009
KiraRin says...

I finally found out where your forum avatar is from! I never realised you were a sexy commando :p



Mar 31, 2009
nyamo says...


買っちゃった えへ

My hands worked independently by impulse.

It is four months until a sale date.(・д・)

8 hands? so many. wow

Surely. I don't have plenty money...

I like Nonaka's voice.

You're right! it's a better. I often ...... read.

I dont have any problem about forum functions. Thanks!!

Jan 17, 2009
nyamo says...

w    いじめられないことを願ってるよ

I like figure. especially Nendoroid. but I have nothing.

I don't buy them because

If I start it then they'll increase till overflow my room. endlessly.

Anyway. Sorakake. fm... Sunrise is good.

I guess the first figure is.... Imo-chan. Reliable!


Oh. just now. an mail come from Amazon.

"Mikkumiku kagami - amount 2"  ......what?


Jan 16, 2009