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Hi! I love Japanese. This brought me to music, voice actors, and eventually animation. Right now I'm trying to build a vocabulary.

Besides collecting discs and figures I enjoy science fiction novels and pen & paper roleplaying.

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LinkSword Jan 1, 2010

Nice to see Gintama at the top of an anime list ^^

Lagore Dec 16, 2009

Ir sure does look stupid, but the reviews have been excellent, so I don't know.

And that Final Fantasy movie was indeed awful.

Lagore Dec 15, 2009

Oh believe me, I did not forget The Emperor's New Groove. And I think motion capture is a legitimate medium with lots of aplications.  In fact, this is interesting timing, with the recent release of Avatar.

sabutaatti Nov 24, 2009

How about jazz, blues then? Cowboy Bebop set my mind right now(soundtrack, not only opening) and then Gallery Fake' & Baccano' openings

Lagore Nov 15, 2009

Darn... I wanted to sound all deep in that blog, like... Sun Tsu in The Art of War...

But to clarify, for me, a story is... like, everything that happens in whatever medium it's in.  And by everything, I include all that stuff about acting and lighting and whatever.  So, the movie Star Wars would be a story, or the book And Then There Were None would be a story.  But the actual events that occur in a story, regardless of HOW you tell it, I'd probably call that the plot.  I know "plot" and "story" sound similar.  But to reiterate, "story" for me means everything that goes into a specific movie, show, book, whatever.  And plot means actually what happens in the story, like the script.

Sorry, I know this is all kinda confusing  ><.  I have lots of ideas about storytelling and I JUST started writing them down in my blog.  But they're gonna be out of order, and I'm going to write them as they come to mind.  So... it'll be confusing at times.  Sorry  >_>