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Hi! I love Japanese. This brought me to music, voice actors, and eventually animation. Right now I'm trying to build a vocabulary.

Besides collecting discs and figures I enjoy science fiction novels and pen & paper roleplaying.

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xiongchiamiov Jan 15, 2010

"How are you the only one 'watching' Nodame Finale when the site doesn't accept that selection? Just curious ^^"

Everything on my list is a result of an import from AniDB, and it defaults statuses to watching if it can't determine a more appropriate status.

AirCommodore Jan 4, 2010


I don't remember the bit about the overseas otaku. What season was that in?

SilentWarlock Jan 3, 2010

By "loaded up with kanji" I was meaning more in the line of having lots of more technical stuff that I'm less likely to know any time soon, and no furigana to help figure them out.  I definitely plan to learn kanji (well, more of it, I know a little already), but kanji is a bit harder to look up the meaning of than a word written in Hiragana if I suddenly come across something I don't know.  And if I don't have a fair grasp of the language, it would be pretty hard to enjoy the manga itself if translating it starts frustrating me.  

I actually would like to find some good manga with furigana I could use for practice.  I think Yotsuba would be a good starter for that.  The language is basic, it's got furigana, and I have the translated version already that I could use to compare my translation against the translation of someone who knows the language better.

AirCommodore Jan 2, 2010

Making them myself would most likely require a bolt-cutter and a soldering iron, only one of which I own.

As for SZS: The translation does work pretty well for the one I have (I've already managed to misplace it, but I'm pretty sure there were more editor's note-type-things than most I've read). Granted, it's the first volume so it's mainly making fun of/introducing the characters instead of going into Japanese culture as much. I'm unsure about the later volumes. It's kind of a strange pick to be liscensed, huh?

daekiljen Jan 1, 2010

Thanks! I do tend to be a little verbose, but I at least like to think that I make proper recommendations based on the content of the anime I like. 

/highfive on Paniponi (^ω^)