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Hi! I love Japanese. This brought me to music, voice actors, and eventually animation. Right now I'm trying to build a vocabulary.

Besides collecting discs and figures I enjoy science fiction novels and pen & paper roleplaying.

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KiraRin May 30, 2008

Thanks for the comment!

Nice to see someone who appreciates some of the stranger series I like. Kemonozume was hard to get into because of the animation style, but it had me hooked once I got over that!

I guess I'm just a good old romantic at heart ;P


ChibiYaoiOtaku May 30, 2008

hopefully, the versions ur talking about are the american version so ill but them.

I love anything by rumiko takahashi.

BTW, where is  baumkuchen?

ChibiYaoiOtaku May 30, 2008

YAY!!! BTW, i want to start reading the manga version of Ranma ½ but i dont know where to start. I want to start off where the anime ended so which volume is it where Ranma finally meets his mother or when Akane is turned into a doll when they go to a onsen.

ChibiYaoiOtaku May 29, 2008

YAY!!!! A ranma ½ fan!!!! I still cant decide whats better: Ranma ½ or Urusei Yatsura? BTW, its great that you have dennou coil in your top five! That anime is just sooo underappricated.