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Live-Action action


Every spring I try to visit the world's largest festival for Japanese cinema. Nippon Connection had their 10th anniversary two weeks ago, but I only managed to catch one day.

In 2006 I had a lot of fun with Moon, and this year its director was represented with Nigamushi, starring Aoi Yuu *. So Sunday it was, and worth it. A wonderfully light film.

The festival gives out an award voted on by visitors. As far as I know the proceedings favor niche movies only watched by people who know what they will like. Accordingly this year's winner was the only anime in the running, Hottarake. Personally I couldn't even finish it. Production IG are great at 2D, but the 3D designs are just ugly and badly animated. The overused story doesn't help, either, and casting actresses in voice roles rarely works.

But all was forgiven when the closing picture finally started. Kawasoko is full of beer and dry humour. In last year's Love Exposure Mitsushima was great but not the main attraction, here she's carrying the film in an adult role with much less make-up. I loved how all actors were characters rather than from the beauty-pool.

Now, with the ashcloud gone, all the guests back in Japan, and my notes blogged, I just have to wait for all the stuff I missed to be released.

* she's good in Tiger & Dragon and as voice for Tekkon, but couldn't save Hachikuro and Mushishi.

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