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Hot in from the cold


Excuse the title. Of the shows I want to look into this season, Sorawoto aired first. The only thing I knew before watching it was that the director and writer had also done Denpateki na Kanojo. A good reason.

You'll immediatly notice that the designs look like K-On. The series don't share staff, so I presume this was to build on popularity. IMHO they don't work as well, maybe because faces in the background look different.

Sound is more interesting. Kobayashi has a very distinctive voice, and it just doesn't fit as well here as in Gintama. I also thought the recordings lacked roominess, but thas was probably because most of the episode has no music. Only one piece played in two places for the same reason. I'll watch another one, but so far it looks like the characters and story just fall flat. Nice backgrounds, though.

Second up was Ladies x Butlers, from the director of Kanokon. I laughed a lot at that, but not so much at the OVA. This is more ridiculous, and I didn't even finish it. Massive noodle hair is all you need to know ^^

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