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Hi! I love Japanese. This brought me to music, voice actors, and eventually animation. Right now I'm trying to build a vocabulary.

Besides collecting discs and figures I enjoy science fiction novels and pen & paper roleplaying.

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May 29, 2008

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February 12, 2012

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MrValgard avatar MrValgard

Great Anime List!

May 29, 2012


i also start with vocabulary :D

Nice anime list :D i finally have someone to big compare list :D

notme avatar notme

Cool Top 5 Anime!

Sep 27, 2011

hi i love your top picks

Aurura avatar Aurura


Sep 5, 2011

'ey there!  I'm workin' on the Japanese language too, so.. よろしくお願いします。 日本語は七年間勉強しています。 素敵ですと思いますよ。 あなたは?

Hope I get to chat with you sometime, maybe in and around the Forums!


daekiljen avatar daekiljen


Jan 9, 2011

Oh I do. Sorry about that!  I don't visit the forums often.

daekiljen avatar daekiljen


Jan 7, 2011

Haven't seen you around in a while Alex!  Hope you'll be watching Kimi ni Todoke this season.

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