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Winter 2011/2012 prospects

14 NOV

In Winter 11/12 seems to be quite a few good animess waiting for me and my ill eyes, but it's a little sad because i did not have enought time to watch Fall 2011 animes(some are stille waiting on -hold), so i do not know where i will get the time to watch what i picked, esspecially with exams on my nose.now about anime: of course there are alwyas few upstanding animes i am waiting eagerly for, which rises my spirits and i do not feel like wasting my time(school eats it all away) and like always fancervice consisting of boobs or ordinary boy with exceptional harem with no actual story.WAITING FOR GYO OVA AND BERSERK MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anime I will definatelly watch:

Kyousogiga - seems original, female protagonist, I hope not too childish and it would be better if there were some romance.I saw this will come out as an ONA, hope it is false information.

Recorder to randoseru - interesting plot, genre is to my liking, haven't watched something similar in a while(by my guess of this anime). I have great expectations, but not too big, most important thing that it won't turn out like kimi to boku because it was boring characters dumb a no actual story, at least i did not found, except boring talks of boring school boys.(9-10)

Black rock shooter - watched ova, seemed quite good with potential, so we will see how it will turn out.Do not waiting too eagerly.(8)

Another - love dark animes( Shiki,Death note, Blood-C, Mirai nikki, etc.), I think there are too litlle of these types. Another is about high-schooler who died and one transfer student goes to deceased student's class, and there one mysterious girl and students who hold some sort of secret, my biggest fear is that transfer student could be a wimp, annoying main female character and stupid and unintelligent plot. Also art is not really to my liking. (8)

Kill me baby - seems funny also seinen. From the trailer liked protagonist's voice.(9)

Mouretsu pirates - seems interesting and there are many things which could make plot go wrong direction, since clumsy ,stupid, "i want to save all" girl, plot just about interactions between girls, no male presence, shallow relantioships, plot, story just about stupid, space fights, clichee...It would be good is someone drooped in romance in that anime. Even i wrote all that i definately watch at least first spisodes.(8)

Inu x boku ASS - loved manga, which was amazing. female protagonist's character is new to me, original, interesting so as story. I had to stop reading manga because i dont want to watch anime knowing all. Just one thing i hope for that anime producers would not drop little romance manga has, also from the  trailer soundtrack seems to suck.When i first got to know about inu x boku gatting an anime adaptation i waited eagerly for that day to come.(10)

Poyopoyo kansatsu nikki - somehow i feel it will be amusing comedy to me.(9)

Natsume yuujinchou shi - of course i will watch, watched all three seasons and liked each one of them, great art.

Anime I might watch:

Area no kishi - sports manga is not my type(except something like  chihayafuru, because it is very interesting even though i know nothing about karuta), but in my might watch list cause manga is very popular, as i heard, so i will see.

Brave 10 - when i read sypnosis i thought it will be sehr cool, but after watfing trailer it seems half assed yaoi.By art it would be good if there would be some romance, because in action category it will be bad, intellectaul story category - bad,etc.So it leaves just romance to work on and good comedy (i doubt it will be).

Ano natsu de matteru - as far as i understood it's love story between boy and 2 girls. Could turn out very good if anime will be from one of the girls point of view.Well, it depens if i will watch or not, how story would be created, shown. Might have potential, but it's very hard to guess, also art is not superb.(I think it will turn out something like Anohana).

Danshi koukousei no nichijou - seems to have some potencial to be funny, but lately all i have seen is not funny or interesting comedies. Most of them just have supid monotonic dialogue and it is supposed to be funny, well it is not funny for me, hope it won't turn out this way.

Nippon Omoshiro Mukashi Banashi - know nothing about these series, except genre: historical. low watching possibility because i doubt i will find subs.

Rinne no lagrange - seems guite good, hope there will be more genres than comedy and not too much fanservice.

Senhime zesshou symphogear - will watch if there will be too many fanservice or no actual plot or too childish.

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! - could be great if anime wont be harem, lecherous famale kids, and not funny or echhi comedy, couse this anime's main point is comedy. It would be good if it is heart-warming or sad story, though i dont believe it will.

Gokujou. - at first i thought to put in i definately watch list, but then i understood that this anime could be about fanservice alone. I might watch because the plot seems original, interesting amd has great grounds for comedy setting.

Anime I will not watch:

Amagami SS+ - watched first season, could have been good , but it is annoying how protagonist gets to play with all girls, because it is a different arc.@nd season same shit.OUT

Nisemonogatari - dropped the praquel bakemonogatari so, of course, i will not watch sequel Dropped because of harem and kinda wimpy, with no initiative protagonist, Also senjohara's character was a bit annoying.

High scool DxD - it seems another harem is on the way. Ordinary boy...sigh... getting killed on his first day, pushed around by girls, some are teasing him, but others wont let go far because of jealousy, plenty of fanservice, no actual story except save "the boobs" and so on.

Aquarion evol - will not watch because i haven't seen prequel, though if i hear that it is possible to watch these series without watching first season then i might give it a try.

P.S. note to myself, next time put in order of the most waiting.

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